My Painless Surgery for my 2 Impacted Teeth

Yes! You read it right. I just had my surgery for my 2 impacted teeth and here I am blogging about it instead of resting. 😣 I just have to think about happy thoughts instead of worrying and magnifying the pain I have today. 😝 Ok, fine. I’m bored. That’s why! 😅

Let us first define what an impacted tooth means. According to,

An impacted tooth is a tooth that gets blocked as it is pushing through the gum into your mouth (erupting). Wisdom teeth often are impacted. Wisdom teeth usually begin to come in between the ages of 17 and 21. Dentists call these teeth third molars.

It was 2009 and I was already 24 when I first found out that I have 4 impacted teeth. One on each side. Upper left and right then bottom left and right. I had my first surgery last 2009 which gave me too much trauma because of the pain and swelling I experienced for a month. People wondered and asked why I can’t go out of our room. I just can’t. 😢

Because of the dreadful experience, I wasn’t able to return to the scary dentist. I tried to ignore the pain I have from 3 more impacted tooth at least once every quarter for 6 years. Unfortunately, my impacted teeth weren’t as nice as I thought they would be.

3 weeks ago, I already felt the pain from 2 of my impacted teeth – the ones from the upper and lower left part. I called too many dentists, saw different faces and checked a lot of dental clinics to look for the perfect dental surgeon to do my surgery. I know nothing and nobody is perfect.. but at least pass my standards!


Remember my post last week? Click here. That was the time when I started clinic hopping. Going from one dental clinic to another. Alas! I visited Dental Prophylaxis, a dental clinic inside a mall. The regular dentist checked my x-ray result and told me that they might not accept my case because I have tachycardia and chances are.. I might have palpitations while having the surgery. If that’s the case, I should have the surgery in a dental clinic that is in the hospital. At least everything’s easier when you are already in there. Having the surgery in the hospital is already my option. It just so happened that they can’t give us a schedule for my surgery right away. I still have to wait for a few weeks.

The dentist finally asked if I want to speak with their surgeon Dr Ong. I was thinking, “Dr Ong? Hmmm… Sounds like a name of a scary and mean surgeon.. and so he came. I was surprised to see a younger surgeon and I was even more surprised to hear him talk and explain details to me. That’s my kind of doctor. Someone who explains everything I need to know and someone who answers my questions patiently and nicely. My collection of Drs are all like that.. and now he’s included to the list of my favorite Drs.

Thus, I decided to have the surgery a week after my consultation. I took antibiotics because one of my impacted teeth had an infection already. I was also asked to take an Advil an hour prior to surgery.

Fast forward to the day I'll have my surgery. 
Fast forward to the day I’ll have my surgery.

Of course I wore something comfortable and loose. This blouse from Plains & Prints is my favorite “hospital” blouse. I usually wear this when I’m in the hospital, or in this case, dental clinic.

Dr. Ong was indeed there.. smiling… And there I was.. NOT SMILING. 😢 NERVOUS! 😯 The receptionist tried to say nice and encouraging words to me. It meant nothing. 😅 I texted my parents and closest friends before going in and then I prayed. 🙏

Dr. Ong talked to me and asked how I was. He was so nice to me. I never felt uncomfortable with him. He told me that I’m not supposed to be nervous because my blood pressure might shoot up and would probably give us a more bloody surgery. He told me to stay calm and asked me to raise my hand whenever I feel pain so he can add more anesthesia and attempt to make the surgery painless. When he said that — I was thinking, “That’s what my anesthesiologist exactly told me as well.” When someone tells me, “kagat lang ng langgam yan…” I expect KAGAT NG USA! I tend to expect the WORSE! So when Dr. Ong said PAINLESS.. I’m thinking pain pa MORE! 😫

And so he injected 2 shots of anesthesia on the sides of the lower part of my impacted tooth. The rest is HISTORY! THE END. 😅 But seriously, I really don’t remember everything that happened. All I know is that I was praying the whole time and I was always thinking that if I was able to normally give birth to my 2 big boys, I can surpass this surgery ONE MORE TIME. My eyes were closed almost the whole time I was having my surgery.

These are the things I remember clearly :

  1. The noise of my children and mom who attempted to go inside and see me. 😅
  2. The faces of “some” dentists who look at my teeth. I find it awkward if somebody’s staring at me so I find it more awkward if somebody’s staring at my teeth!
  3. Dr. Ong’s repetitive question of, “Ma’am are you ok?” Kaya pa Ma’am?”
  4. Me singing I Just Don’t Love You No More by Craig David. That song was the only song I like from the clinic’s playlist. 📀😅
  5. Dr. Ong asking for a headset so I won’t hear the drilling sounds.
  6. The excruciating pain of my ear and head while drilling.
  7. The part of the surgery where I had to do stretching because my legs feel numb already.
  8. The occasional questions of Dr. Ong asking me how I feel and if I feel pain, he automatically adds anesthesia
  9. The moment Dr Ong said, “Very good Ma’am. Isang ngipin na lang.”
  10. The fulfillment of Dr Ong’s promise to give me an almost painless surgery.
2 impacted teeth GONE. The other 1 needs to be broken into 4 so that the surgeon won't have a hard time removing it.
2 impacted teeth GONE. The other one needs to be broken into 4 so that the surgeon won’t have a hard time removing it.

Yes! He was able to do it. It is possible to have a painless surgery. His force is strong but not too strong to hurt me. His aura is not too intimidating nor did I feel that he’s incompetent. In fact, my husband used the word “confident” to describe him. He seems to know what he’s doing and he actually showed us that he does. What I like about him is the way he talks to me in times I feel pain and yet he has no choice but to continue drilling. He had a hard time doing the surgery of my lower left tooth because I tend to always feel pain. The pain is caused by my sensitive gums. He stops and gives me another injection of anesthesia. He was true to his words when he told me that he’ll stop whenever I feel pain. He comforted me in his own ways. I also like how he congratulated me for finishing the surgery that lasted for 3 hours. Definitely a milestone for me! 😆 Even my mom was impressed. He is not just a good surgeon. He is also a good man!

with Dr Ong and his mask! 😅
with Dr Ong and his mask! 😅

After the surgery, he gave me a prescription of the medicine I need to take and some do’s and dont’s on a paper. After paying, I hurriedly drank cold shakes and stayed for a few minutes in the mall to rest.

I can't carry them
I can’t carry them yet

Today is Day 2. My face is now swelling and there are ear and head aches once in awhile. I’m taking Flanax 550 mg every 6 hours to relieve pain. Worse part is, I’m starting to have asthma attacks now (maybe because of drinking too much cold drinks or always putting ice on my face or because my children are sick too). 😂 I texted Dr. Ong yesterday, he was so nice to still accommodate me and even gave me a different prescription. He is so good to me and he did a great job that I just have to recommend him to you!

Dr Edward Ong of Dental Prophylaxis – 6332521

Having an impacted tooth is a nightmare to everyone. It is painful and will definitely eat your time for checkups and tests. I suggest that as soon as you found out that you have an impacted tooth, have the surgery done ASAP. Don’t do what I did. The delay won’t do you any good. It will just worsen the scenario. Find a good surgeon. Do not look for the cheapest one! Instead, find someone you can trust and you’re comfortable to be with for the next 2-3 hours of your day. Better yet, find Dr. Ong, someone who can do it almost pain-free!

This is how I look like today. I do cold compress every 8 hours.
This is how I look like today. I do cold compress every 8 hours.

Achievement Unlocked : Brush my teeth SLOWLY and eat pasta.

Things I missed doing : putting on lotion and combing my hair 😆

Things I still can’t do : carry my toddler S and homeschool D 😢

Boring part : Only sleep on the right side of the bed.

Best part : I was able to LISTEN well to God. 🙏 Things like this is always a reminder to give MORE TIME to Him who gave His life for us. Because in Him, there’s HEALING.

The LORD will protect him and preserve his life; he will bless him in the land and not surrender him to the desire of his foes. The LORD will sustain him on his sickbed and restore him from his bed of illness. Psalm 41:2-3

To those who are asking : after the surgery, patients can still work (I’m working but only because I work from home) but it’s still not advisable to go out of the house and work in the office. There’s a high chance of nausea and bleeding. It could also swell even more once you start carrying your bag and putting too much effort in doing something. The perfect way to recover faster is by having enough rest and by following these orders.


Thanks for all your prayers! Will keep you posted in the days to come. 😙



  1. I totally understand the whole nervousness with having your teeth removed! That’s how I was honestly. I was shaking and my blood pressure kept rising up the closer we got to operation lol I haven’t had any smoothies yet, I don’t have fruit smoothies, only a banana peanut butter shake so I don’t think I want to try that this early. It’s only the second day of recovery. Loved reading your experience though. I wish I found this sooner! All the other experiences I’ve read were horror stories and had me worrying way more than I needed to!

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