Dental City Privilege Card

So all of you already know that I just had my surgery (click here for more details). I went back last week so my dental surgeon can remove my stitches. Unfortunately, the other stitch got removed by accident so that means we only have 1 stitch left to remove. Before removing it, Dr. Ong put a topical anesthesia on me. This time, it was not that painful and it was very easy for him to remove it. Then, I had an x-ray for him to check if everything is okay inside. I’m just so grateful on how they took care of me. Dr. Ong gave me back my trust for dentists. Scared of dentists? Try him.

2015-09-09 11.51.01

Dr Edward Ong of Dental Prophylaxis – 6332521

After that, he gave me this privilege card. I was so surprised and grateful because from now on, I’ll have these benefits valid for a year :

Free :

consultation (unlimited)

1 oral prophylaxis

1 surface light cured restoration

1 simple tooth extraction

Discounted Services :

20% off Teeth Whitening

10% off Orthodontic Treatment

10% off Zirconia and E-max crowns and bridges

10% off Implants

For 1000 pesos only, you can avail these benefits for a year! The savings and privileges are unlimited indeed.


Other Branches :

SM MEGAMALL – BLDG B – 6356771

SM MEGAMALL – BLDG A – 6332521

Makati Medical Plaza – 7505542

Glorietta 2 – 8187313

San Antonio Plaza Forbes – 8177256

Market Market – 8897890

SM City Bicutan – 8229340

2015-09-11 05.37.19

We tend to neglect our health and most of the time, we also forget about our teeth and oral hygiene. Please don’t! Have regular checkups with your OB gyne, cardiologist, endocrinologist, nephrologist, and pulmonologist if needed. Please prioritize health over everything else. Though we brush regularly, our teeth can still have problems once we have an impacted tooth and for that, we’ll definitely need a dentist or a surgeon. Have a prophylaxis at least 2x a year and choose the best dental clinic that you can trust.

This privilege card will definitely ease your toothache. Because of this card, you will have less worries whenever you need to visit a dentist. It helps to have an HMO and health insurance; but this card is an additional help so you can be worry-free when it comes to your dental concerns.

Have a healthy body and a pretty teeth everyone!



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