Costa Coffee Eastwood

It has been awhile since I saw Costa Coffee in Facebook. I’m thinking, “Is it really worth the hype?” Let me give you reasons to love Costa Coffee Eastwood :

  • Don’t you want to have a photo of yourself in their “popular” phone booth? Because of cellphones and new technologies available nowadays, we don’t see a lot of phone booths anymore, this is a perfect way to grab the chance and pretend like Superman (changing clothes and all) or the damsel in distress waiting for Superman to save you.
  • Their coffee is ROASTED. Roasted beans mean a rich taste of their very own cup of joe
  • Coffee coolers are awesome! Try their Raspberry and White Chocolate.
It is a combination of raspberry and white chocolate in one. Creamy, has a tangy taste, and a sweet combination once stirred. Their cups are too big to consume by one person!
  • They have a special drink called Frostino which is specifically made for us Filipinos. Try the Double Chocolate Cookie Mocha
I love the special straw they gave us to make sure that the small cookie tidbits won’t be stuck in the straw. It has a stronger taste compared with the coffee coolers. Less creamy and very chocolaty! It is a guilty pleasure indeed. I can’t have too much of this because of its sweetness but this is definitely one of their best cold drinks!
  • Cakes (need I say more?)
Carrot cake – They have bigger servings compared with other coffee shops out there. Their cakes looked and tasted fresh. I love how tempting their cakes look like but guilt-free once tasted because their cakes are NOT TOO SWEET.
I love this cake. It’s soft and very tasty. It will bring you to a whole new level of, “Uhmmm Ahhh.” So delicious.. you might forget where you are.

They have more drinks to offer and a wide variety of pastries. Their cakes are undeniably tempting! It even tastes better than how it looks like. Time to drool!


Food (9/10) : I have to deduct 1 point because I can’t tolerate their drinks’ sweetness. Aside from that, everything’s good!

Place (8/10) : The deduction of 2 points is because of the little space they have inside. They have a lot of customers but it is quite uncomfortable to have a little space while trying to enjoy good food. Their chairs are not that comfortable too but their air-conditioning is absolutely perfect. I love the smell of beans and their cleanliness passed an OC customer like me! The place is well-lit and most of their customers enjoyed staying in or outside the coffee shop (usually smokers) because it is a perfect place to hangout. They have a 2nd floor and it is also full of customers! Best thing — WIFI is FAST and they’re open even after mall hours (since they’re not inside the mall). Yay!

Customer Service (11/10) : Their manager is the one who carried our chairs just to give us a seat. The manager is a lady. My husband is already carrying some chairs but she still helped my husband. Wow for this strong and helpful lady! That is why because of her good example, the smile of her staff shines brightly. They all greeted us with an authentic smile and assisted us better than any other coffee shops we’ve been to. Costa Coffee Eastwood is one of the coffee shops where we encountered good and exceptional customer service! They all deserve a commendation for being friendly, helpful and giving us a happy feeling the whole time we were there. The discomfort we felt was covered up by the good experience we had from their staff. Salute to Costa Coffee Eastwood!

Experience (10/10) : I always say this. It doesn’t matter if the food or item is expensive.. as long as the customer service is good — what you paid for is totally worth it! If I have only one more comment to add, I hope Costa Coffee will come up of their own tissue with their name printed on it (just like Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf). A formal tissue defines being official and serious about a business. I’m not sure if it’s just me but it’s a turn off when a restaurant doesn’t have their own tissue. I hope they consider making one for themselves. Nevertheless, I’ll go back and blog about them again.. as long as I experience good customer service.. nothing can stop me from visiting Costa Coffee!

They did make us feel at home.. and yes we weren’t able to resist their coffee shop’s charm. Until next time Costa Coffee!

Costa Coffee Philippines

Address: Citywalk 1, Eastwood, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila
Phone(02) 351 6618
Facebook :

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