Shiseido Eastwood

I was still on the lookout for my next “eyebrow tool” when I dropped by at Shiseido Eastwood. I saw Genesis’ eyebrows and got jealous of how beautiful they are so I asked him to try their eyebrow kit on me.

Look at his beautiful eyebrows #kilaygoals

Genesis is good in making eyebrows and was nice enough to entertain all my questions and answer all of it patiently. I love how gentle he was in making my eyebrows and how he taught me to do it on my own. The pencil I tried is actually good and it comes with its own brush, but it’s sad to say that it didn’t beat the Dior eyebrow pencil I have right now. They also have a brow gel but I didn’t like it all.

2016-01-10 03.18.41
He used a concealer to clean my eyebrows but he didn’t allow me to test their “face” concealer. Notice the left eyebrows? It wasn’t filled as the next photo. In Filipino, may “uka-uka”
This was made by Dior Shangri-la’s makeup artist, Aileen. This is what filling the brows mean! More about this pencil (here).

Compared to Dior’s eyebrow powder pencil, Dior is creamier, can easily make strokes and more economical because you don’t need a lot to fill your brows. Best thing — it is not itchy and do not feel heavy! It is very light actually. Though Dior is more expensive than Shiseido, Dior’s customer service is way better than Shiseido. If there’s one thing I don’t like about this branch.. that is when Genesis didn’t allow me to try their concealer anymore. I’m a makeup junkie and I know my rights as a consumer and a regular customer who buys cosmetics. Genesis wasn’t able to validate and explain why he’s not allowing me to try their concealers. It just felt unwelcoming and frustrating.. so I can’t recommend this branch in terms of being generous in testers.


Their branch in Eastwood Mall has a complete set of skin care that women need. Honestly, their kiosk isn’t a comfortable place because of the passersby and the noise from the mall entrance, but if Genesis didn’t make me feel unwelcome.. I could’ve bought the Shiseido pencil immediately and didn’t go to Dior anymore — which actually led me to become the Dior addict I am right NOW. I still want to thank him because if he didn’t reject me when I asked for a concealer, I wouldn’t have tried a better eyebrow pencil product from Dior (see here for more details). Note : Makeup artists, take care of your customers. If not, another brand is more than willing to assist them. You’ll never know who your next “loyal” customer will be. Be kind to ALL CUSTOMERS! Be kind to EVERYONE!

Ladies, know your rights as a customer. Cosmetics are very expensive. We shouldn’t “just” buy because it was recommended by someone. We should test it for a few hours then go back and purchase it ONCE the products passed our standards. The item should be worth our money! May it be cheap or expensive. Nobody has the right to say no if you want to try a particular item (whether it is a high end brand, a drug store product or an item from the department store). Test your makeup before purchasing it! Do not feel intimidated if the makeup artist didn’t allow you to. If you felt unwelcome, leave. Just like what I did to this branch. Genesis is nice and very helpful but I really don’t understand the stinginess in letting me try their concealer. Oh well! Need help for your eyebrows? I still recommend him as a good makeup artist. Visit them and see for yourself.

Shiseido Eastwood

Look for Genesis

GF, Kiosk, Eastwood Mall , Eastwood Avenue , Eastwood City Park , 1110 Quezon City , Metro Manila

Contact Number : 4004083


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