Gamezoo, Newport Mall

We found a new cool place in Newport Mall. The fun side of Newport City. In the entrance of Gamezoo, you won’t feel welcome because the place looks too small from the outside.. but please go inside and see the long stairs going to the Kids (at heart) Land. 😅
My son’s favorite game

On the 2nd floor is a completely different place. It is colder, lights are brighter, and there are more acitivities in store for the kids. Aside from the arcade games, there’s a spacious soft playground for kids with a particular area where guardians can hang out and chat. It is cold and clean in this area. Complete with all the gadgets, toys and activities for toddlers and kids to enjoy. The guardians are also enjoying their stay in the playground because of the comfy chairs and well-lit playground for them to take pictures and bond with their kids. It is like Gymboree — but only MORE spacious and CHEAPER!

This is the only game place who provided guardians with enough chairs to sit on and has a lot of activities to offer — clean and spacious videoke rooms are available!

My son loves driving their bump cars, different rides and played with some classic arcade games. The best part is the 4D and 6D theater rides. Ohhh boy! As a mom, I can say that I’m such a daredevil! 😅 I love how they made the chairs too comfortable that you don’t know if you’re resting, scared, or already peed into your pants (in my case, dress). Love the effects that the theater has in each movie (tip : bring a hanky or a towel please.. or regret it!). It is indeed the best 4D and 6D theater ride EVER. I had all the different emotions packed in 15 minutes. The cold temperature didn’t help either. It is like I want to pee the whole time. 😂 Truly one of the highlights of our visit in Gamezoo! I’ll go back to Newport Mall just for Gamezoo. It definitely redeemed Newport Mall as a whole.

Bring the whole family and enjoy a thrilling time at GameZoo!
With some of the best arcade games, 4D and 6D theater rides, soft playground, videoke rooms and more, GameZoo is the perfect fun venue for kids and kids at heart.
Visit GameZoo located 4F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila.
Website :

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