Food Delivery – the New Norm amidst COVID19

2 weeks ago, I posted about my product recommendation in the midst of our battle against COVID19.

Though I understand that not everyone has the budget and the peace of mind to still order food, this blog post is helpful for everyone who is craving food (we can’t cook/bake ourselves) at the moment and it just so happen that we do not have a car to order food for pick-up as well. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

1. Aling Banang through GrabFood/GrabPay – At first I was really hesitant to order GrabFood but since I was already disappointed with FoodPanda, I have no choice but to try GrabFood. To order a cashless transaction and since GrabFood doesn’t accept credit card payment, we loaded our GrabPay for the first time. Maximum amount is P3000. The transaction is fast and easy, no additional charges. Just like that. We want affordable snacks so we ordered at Aling Banang’s. In less than 5 minutes, they found us a rider. We then decided to call Aling Banang’s and to our surprise most of the food we ordered is unavailable. So we have to cancel our rider to reorder, hoping that we don’t file for reimbursement anymore. We ordered 3 kinds of pancit, lomi, chopsuey, lumpia, and sinigang at Aling Banang’s over the phone then ordered it through GrabFood AGAIN, found a rider after 10minutes, then food arrived within 10minutes. Wow! I don’t have to heat the food for everything is newly cooked and still hot when it arrived. The packaging is well-made too! Compare that to FoodPanda’s 3-4 hours cold delivery. Nice! GrabPay credited our order ASAP without any errors/issues.

2. Shakey’s – We ordered 4 boxes of pizza and cheese sticks. We didn’t opt for pasta for we can cook it ourselves. Of course we all know that when you order at Shakey’s and it’s late – your whole order is FREE! Ours is 10min late but it’s fine, my husband didn’t arrive from his long walk at the mall (haha kidding) yet. Food arrived hot and crispy, rider is hygienic, the order process is seamless and contactless. The rider has his own alcohol and sprays everytime he gets the food or does something. Everything is perfect! It took me 12minutes to talk to a customer service representative and another 40minutes for the food to arrive – everything arrived perfectly!

Transferred the pizza and cheese sticks to our own container then heated them in the oven. Bye plating!


3. Max’s – You can order directly at Max’s or send a message to Ms Nerissa Yabut 09472820284. They have set meals, pastries, and meryenda available. Plus, you don’t have to wait longer because this is a direct transaction. Also, you can pay through CASH or CREDIT CARD.

Order now!

4. Homegrown Organics – I ordered from them a few weeks ago and everything went really well. This time we ordered eggs, fruits (apples, mangoes and oranges) and veggies (potatoes and carrots). In all fairness, the eggs, fruits and veggies are ALL in EXCELLENT QUALITY, accurate weight, and arrived on time. I just appreciate how they handle orders and how fast everything is. Bravo!

Instead of buying fries, hubby cooks potato wedges and baked potato fries

I recently found out that The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf now accepts orders through FoodPanda so let’s see if I’ll cave. Starbucks is selling their instant coffee via Grab as well.

Now let’s change topic. Our friends here in our community already got their relief goods. We didn’t receive ours maybe because we live in a condo but at least 90% of the people I know really got theirs.

I have extra funds this month because our bank’s housing loan gave us an opportunity to skip payment. They extended our loan to 1 more month just so we can skip our payment this April. Whether we accept this or not, the bank won’t take our cheques and consider this month as non-existing. With this in mind, I consider this an extra money and spent it for extra stuff here at home.

We are really in a very different and confusing time now. Stay calm, have peace and know that God is still in control. Do the same routine everyday and have something to look forward to. I know everyone’s stressed at the moment but rest assured and have faith for God is good and His plans are better than ours. God bless you! 🤗



  1. Thanks Ms. Japs, nagcrave din ako. Hehe. Most of the fastfood and resto here are closed atm. 😦 Good thing pareho kami ni hubby marunong magluto ng kung anek anek so we cook given may ingredients na available sa market. Stay safe and God bless po.


  2. Thank you! Super helpful talaga kapag merong mga ganito na pwede orderan ng foods kahit may krisis.


  3. Super satisfying po magpa food delivery, aside from nkka rest sa pag luluto, nsa satisfy din ung craving ng family sa food kahit na hindi cla mklabas ng hous. Super dami ko ding narealize dis time na limited ang resources and ung fear na magugutom ka at wala kng mabibilhan during the 1st wk of ecq, ang nkakastress po tlaga. Good thing na unti unti babalik din po tayo sa normal. Slowly and in God’s perfect time. We don’t know when. But onle He knows it. Cguro po madami lng gusto ipa realized c God sa atin, bcz we complain almost everything., sobrang traffic. Ayan sinolve ni God ang problem. All we have to do is to trust in Him. ❤️💚💙😚


  4. nakakamiss tong mga food na to grabe simula ng nagcovid di talaga kame bumibili kahit saan.


  5. Nakakamiss mgorder ng food lalo sa pnahon ngyn kso kulng s budget at halos sarado lhat dto samin buti na lng my alm sa pgluluto. Ngtry kmi umorder ng milk tea 1 tym, ang lyo ng lakrin mula dto s bhay nmin sa main gate ng subdivision kc nun ECQ laht hndi pinapasok khit anung order, lhat kukunin sa main gate, kaya after nun d na naulit kc malyo at mainit na lakran.


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