Lorenzo’s Way

Lorenzo’s Way is an experience of LJC’s legacy of good food and great service. The restaurant serves dishes that Larry himself conceptualized and that became favorites in the LJC chain.

If you guys remember, I blogged about Abe recently. We love it there. It is actually the very reason why we tried Lorenzo’s Way. Here are the food we ordered :

Complimentary Sweet Potato Cracker (7/10)

I assume that it is made from scratch. I like that it is crispy and not salty; but it needs more taste. Also, my toddler vomitted twice after eating this. 😒 So heads up for those who have kids.

Lumpiang SariwaΒ (10/10)

It is delicious and budget friendly. The veggies are well cooked and the sauce is perfect! πŸ˜‹

Gambas (10/10)

It has the same taste and serving as what they have in Abe so this will get a definite perfect 10. πŸ‘Œ Not too salty and spicy; well cooked shrimp with just the right amount of olive oil.

Beef Salpicao (8/10)

The beef is tender and delicious. They served this generously. I love the taste of salt and olive oil combined. Unfortunately, it did not win over Dolcelatte’s Beef Salpicao. Overall, still one of their best entrees.

Paella Valenciana (7/10)

This is my personal favorite. I grew up eating valenciana. My grandmother and aunt cook valenciana pretty well so I know if a valenciana tastes good or not. πŸ˜‰ I love the fact that they tried to copy the taste and the ingredients of an original valenciana. It made me miss Ilo-Ilo and my loved ones. I also like how sticky and soft the rice is. Though some ingredients are not included in a typical valenciana, this will pass my standards. πŸ‘

I have some concerns though. First, I don’t like the smell of this dish. For some reason, I’m sure valenciana isn’t supposed to smell like this. It seems like some ingredient or a part of the rice got burned.

Second, the rice on the bottom part of the plate is undercooked. Thus, making the rice harder to eat. The shrimp is overcooked and not yet de-shelled. Some veggies are also overcooked while the squid seems to be undercooked. 😦 The chicken if eaten alone doesn’t have any taste. 😩

Lastly, the ratio of veggies, meat and rice aren’t equal. It came to a point wherein there’s no rice anymore and we have no choice but to eat the leftover veggies and meat alone. Unfortunately, it tastes bland! Without the rice, the ingredients are all tasteless. 😯 Those are the frustrating part. Overall, if the management will do something about our concerns, it will be a promising paella valenciana. 😊

Their menu (7/10) is not limited. They have a variety of unique and common Filipino dishes to offer. Their desserts look promising too! A restaurant that serves Filipino specialties with a twist.

The place (4/10) looks clean in the dining area. There is nothing extraordinary about their ambiance. Just like Abe, the spacing isn’t good because we can still hear other customers’ conversation. Also, our stroller ate up a lot of space along the aisle which shows that the place is too crowded. Aircon temperature is not so good. We even have to ask for a fan just to be comfortable. They have a spacious restroom but it is not clean and it stinks too. 😧

Servers (9/10) are nice, knowledgeable and helpful. They took care of us very well. Our drinks were re-filled automatically. When my son vomitted, they attended to us promptly. I also like how professional they look and how patient they were in dealing with new customers. They were all smiling; their smiles are contagious! I can see that they are friendly to all their customers. I just hope that their counter isn’t near our table. It allows us to hear what other’s orders are and also what the servers say. I believe things would be better if each table would have proper spacing.

This experience will have a rate of 6/10. Aside from the frustration we had from the valenciana, it is still the restaurant’s responsibility to provide us a clean restroom and a comfortable room temperature.

I hope they’d consider redesigning their place so they could maximize the space without compromising their customer’s comfort. If Abe was able to win our hearts, I’m sure Lorenzo can definitely find a way to win our tummy and hearts.. SOON! 😍

Lorenzo’s Way Facebook Page :Β https://www.facebook.com/LorenzosWayRestaurant/

2nd Level, C2 Building, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City, Metro Manila


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