Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick in Full Panic

As you all know by now, I love lipsticks. Even the weird colors like black or blue. Pat McGrath is known to have good pigmented makeups. After finally trying their Subversive Metalmorphosis Eyeshadow Palette, I know adding their lipstick to my stash is a good decision.

Bought at Sephora PH

The container shows elegance and sophistication in a tube. It is in a black tube with gold lips in the middle. It is my heaviest lipstick ever, not because it has more (4g as usual), but because of its container.

Faux nails by The Fab Nails

Choosing the lipstick shade is hard for me since I technically have almost all the lipstick colors in different hues. The only difference is the finish. I eventually chose Full Panic. It is a bright fuchsia — I may have it in a liquid lipstick form, but after wearing it, I know I made the right choice.

See what I mean?

It is so pigmented that it screams, “Who you?” to other hues with almost the same color. Its finish is confusing because it is matte and pigmented but very hydrating and light on the lips. It transfers and bleeds but doesn’t feather nor it is easily removed on my lips.

Bun by Tokyo Posh

In 1 swipe, you’ll get maximum color and coverage on the lips. It’s not patchy, it applies evenly. It doesn’t even have a scent and it doesn’t melt in its container either. It’s creamy and buttery but a lightweight matte. It doesn’t make my lips look thick or full, but it makes my lips look way sexy than before.

Pantsuit by Plains & Prints

I was wearing a plain white pantsuit when I put this lipstick on. I muted all the colors for you to see how this lipstick will stand out. I was able to wear it for 8 hours with drinking. It got completely erased after eating a big meal. On this photo, lipstick is worn for 5 hrs already, no touch-ups. Look how pigmented it is! I don’t even look at the mirror anymore. Amazing!

Accessories by H&M

This Pat McGrath addiction is so real, especially when its pigment and finish are way unreal! It may be pricey but I’ll totally add more in a different finish and tube color/design next time.

How do you like it on me? Are you also a Pat McGrath fan?

All products and brands mentioned on this post aren’t sponsored.

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  1. Yay! honestly di ako familiar sa brand na eto. Pero nice niya ha, i love matte lippies pero sa lips mo matte siya pero di gaanong dry tingnan 👏 Diko rin bet yung sobrang dry ang look, may iba kasing lippy ba ganun tapos kapag naalis na may kasama ng balat balat ng lips. ❤️
    You look awesome wearing pantsuit , unti unti kana back to wearing em na😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the colour Ms. Japs of your lipstick but honestly speaking I didn’t know this brand, just from you, then, now I can see its quite a huge crave from some bloggers and celebrity…the hype is real I guess!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wow eto gusto ko❤️❤️
    pigmented na galing nmn 5 hrs inabot nia ang galing nia pa
    It’s creamy and buttery but a lightweight matte. It doesn’t make my lips look thick or full

    Liked by 2 people

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