Dior Lip Glow VS Pat McGrath Lip Balm Ft MAC Orange Lip Liner/Colour

I’ve been a fan of Dior Lip Glow for so many years that my makeup routine is now based on when did I last use it. Dior Lip Glow is very hydrating. It can turn your lips into a satin oily one.. but it has a catch! Once you apply the Lip Glow on your lips, it is quite impossible to easily apply a matte or liquid lipstick. Most of the time, matte and liquid lipstick (even good ones) becomes patchy and applies unevenly, except for Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks.

This is why I don’t apply Lip Glow when I’m guaranteed to wear a full makeup on after, unless I’m wearing a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick. Dior Lip Glow has a lot of good hydrating ingredients that give most lip products a hard time to color/line/tint the lips. It’s as if there’s a barrier, making lips look patchy and a matte finish to look like satin.

This is why when I decided to change the brand of my lip balm, I was really careful. I am a Dior addict and for quite some time now, my attempts to change failed a lot of times. My foundation, powder and lip balm are constantly from Dior. I haven’t changed yet. I just end up wasting more money trying a lot of cheaper brands.

Bought at Sephora PH

When Sephora PH recently gave 20% discount on all items, I checked ALL the lip glosses and balms from all the brands they cater. The good ones are all sold out.

MatteTrance in Full Panic

So this is why I tried checking on Pat McGrath. I’m thinking, cheaper products than Dior didn’t work, maybe a more expensive brand will work better then. Since I tried Pat McGrath MatteTrance, I already know that Pat is in the lip hydrating business, I’m sure she knows what lip balm exactly means.

Trivia : I bought it last minute, a few minutes before the sale ends. The gold shade became available a few hours before the discount ends. I’m supposed to buy the clear shade but it ran out of stock as soon as I put it in the cart. Not meant to be, I guess.

Dior Lip Glow is around Php 1900. Pat McGrath Lip Balm is Php 2450 but became Php 1992 after the 20% discount. Both are 3.5g. For 20% off, it is technically ideal. I still have to find out if it is worth repurchasing if it’s a regular price.

I tried the lip balm and posted this photo as soon as I got my package from Sephora PH. I highly expected a well-pigmened gold but I got frustrated. Instead, I got a subtle glow with a lotion-like moisture that leaves your lips luscious and silky.

I never thought that it could plump my lips. It never says so in the product description. But that’s the first obvious thing me and my husband noticed, my lips look full and thicker without the need to pout.

Wearing Fab Nails

It has a mocha-chocolatey smell that is unexpectedly relaxing. I love that the container is as heavy, classy and elegant as the MatteTrance, but now it’s white. The metal tube snaps and closes well. The artistically-made thick box is well-packed and also covered with a black chord. It’s as if the lipstick is a scroll wrapped to cover a golden gem. The best part about it is… drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁

Wearing Charming Charlie Accessories

Just like MatteTrance, I only need 1 swipe to cover and hydrate my whole lips. With Dior Lip Glow, you will easily know I used it immediately after opening (even just once) for it tends to melt and deform. You also need tons of swipe for Lip Glow to be seen and cover the whole lips. For me, the ratio is 1 swipe for Pat McGrath : 5 swipes for Dior.

Also, Dior Lip Glow has more glitters and leaves lips oily, blocking almost all lipsticks after application. Pat McGrath Lip Balm doesn’t do that. See my photo with a lip liner and grand illusion lip colour by MAC on the top of Pat McGrath Lip Balm – Lip looks well hydrated, plump and defined.

Wearing Kat Von D Beauty Vegan Love Eyeshadow Palette

Now let’s compare with my old photo from way back wearing the same lip liner and a satin lipstick but no lip balm or whatsoever before applying them. Look at how thin and plain my lips look.

With Dior Lip Glow, lipstick tends to be patchy (no matter how matte or drying it may be) to the point that I no longer post it. But look at this photo.

Disclaimer : I was sick when this photo was taken so don’t mind the eyes.

Do you notice the darker lipstick colors that “contours” my blue lipstick? I put them on to hide the patchy and super silky/oily areas on the side of my lips. There are times that I’m so sick I have to apply the Lip Glow as often as possible. Then if I suddenly plan to wear a lipstick on, the Lip Glow hinders me from wearing one for the lipstick looks hideous and cheap on me.

There are also times when I had to apply a Lip Glow to prep and prime my lips before using a drying matte lipstick but because I know Lip Glow will turn any lipstick formula (except Jeffree Star’s) into an oily one, I just skip the Lip Glow before applying any matte lipstick. Hence, I experience dryness and cracking of lips because they’re unprotected.

Wearing Dior Liquid Lipstick Lacquer Plump

Overall, I love Pat Mcgrath Lip Balm in Gold Astral. The pearls are too small and subtle, just the right glow you need. It doesn’t leave your lips looking like you ate oily food, but just like MatteTrance, it leaves your lips hydrated and luminous in a very lightweight and dewy finish. Best part? My lipstick lasted longer than ever. They never claimed that this product can prime and make your lipstick last longer, but it made my lipstick last for more than 12 hours.

Bought at Rustan’s

I’m wearing MAC Pro Long Wear Lip Pencil in What a Blast, a bright orange long wearing lip pencil and MAC Grand Illusion Liquid Lip Colour in Electric Rainbow, a metallic duo-chrome finish that actually offsets the long wear ability of the pencil.

Unlike the blue/purple Dior Lacquer Plump I was wearing with the Lip Glow earlier, this MAC Grand Illusion lip colour do not claim long wear. I also love that both MAC Grand Illusion and Pat McGrath Lip Balm are hydrating, the only difference is the light minty feeling the Grand Illusion gives.

Wearing Plains & Prints dress from the 2014 collection

Look at how shiny and thick (not huge) my lips look like even from afar. That’s how important a lip balm is. It can change your whole look. 😉

What’s your favorite lip balm/gloss? Share it with me by commenting below. All products and brands mentioned on this post aren’t sponsored.

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  1. madam sana gumaw ka ng makeup tutorials in your looks! galing galing mo naman sa gnyang mga looks, ganda ng blending mo po sa eyeshadows mo, bagay na bagay sau gnyang glittery look!


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