Why I love Sephora PH

Makeup is life.. but here in the Philippines, the makeup brands offered to us before were very limited. This is why when SEPHORA PH arrived, I am so happy to finally try different brands. Haven’t heard or tried shopping at Sephora PH yet? This list will help you understand why I and the others love Sephora PH.

1. They are an International company.

When Sephora was first introduced here in the Philippines, it took me a year before I finally got hooked to it. Hubby went to Australia and bought a lot from Sephora AU and from there, trust was built. I was able to try a lot of brands and get to know what I love and hate. Sayang lang yung points because I didn’t consider signing up. 😩

2. “Once in awhile,” they offer good brands and products on SALE. All in EXCELLENT quality – not expired or broken!

Too Faced Mermaid Tears La Creme Mystical Effects Lipstick

I was really hesitant to buy it since reviews aren’t that good but I still bought it anyway because it’s on SALE… aaaand I didn’t regret buying it.

The color changes in time. It was blue purple at first then it changed to pink purple after. It’s unique but the finish isn’t that good – though I love that the formula lasts a long time and the lipstick itself is very hydrating. I also love its packaging – cute and sturdy.

Used this loose blush-on powder on my cheeks. This one isn’t a good product on SALE though! Review posted here.

3. They have awesome FREEBIES!

Gold Brush Holder

I appreciate them so much because a good stylish brush holder is difficult to find – especially when it’s free so thanks SEPHORA!

4. Good Kat Von D Lipsticks are on SALE! Their app is so cool to use – you can “virtually” see the lipstick colors on your lips to easily choose what color is perfect for you. But, color is not accurate 100% of the time.

Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil in Razzle

For something that’s ON SALE, this LOOK is the BOMB! And yes, all the makeups I have on this look are on SALE.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar on Eyes
Kat Von D Metal Crush Liquid Highlighter on Cheeks
Too Faced Unicorn Dreams Mystical Effects Highlighting Stick as highlighter

5. They listen. I requested this brand and specific product after watching Jeffree Star’s review on YouTube. After 1 week, it’s already available.

Ciate Glitter Flip in Siren

At first, I was like – THIS WON’T WORK! But after trying out a good lip conditioner, it worked.. so GOOD!

After “pressing my lips” 5x – it’s glittery

This lipstick feels so thick because of its glitters but the good thing about it is it doesn’t dry your lips. I love that it doesn’t patch and you can actually control the color/thickness of the lipstick. The worst is when a part of it gets removed after eating or drinking, you have to erase and reapply everything. The good thing is wihout food or drinks, it doesn’t transfer but definitely bleeds.

The lipstick after “pressing my lips” just once – it’s matte

How? Apply the lipstick without blotting your lips. After swiping it evenly on your lips, wait for it to dry. Then press your upper and lower lips together and count for a few seconds before opening your lips again. If there are glitters, you did it right. Repeat the whole process if you want more color and glitters making the lipstick finish thicker. Best part? It looks like a foiled metallic colored lip stain.

6. They have unique finds.

Lancome LA Base Pro

Lancome is here! I’m so glad to see this brand at Sephora because I get to buy their products again. They were here before but for some reason they stopped selling here. I love how good Lancome is to my skin after trying out their skincare products (review to be posted SOON). Since then, I entrusted my skin to this brand.

Nails by Fab Nails

I risked a lot on this primer because good reviews are too few for me to trust ASAP. Then again, I trusted the fact that it is LANCOME. Aside from the benefits it gives my skin – made my acne smaller and my skin more moisturized (just like a skincare product does), it also helps my makeup look matte and yet still glowing. I’m in love with it!

It feels like a silicone gel that easily dries without a scent. It makes my skin smoother, making my foundation application easy and smooth. I get to save a lot of products because of this primer. My serum foundation isn’t absorbed fast and my makeup doesn’t cake or crack either. It works so well with a Fenty setting powder.

7. Shipping is fast. Customer service is excellent.

Though there are times when their shipping sucks – it is because of some app or inventory issues or a busy week like a SALE ongoing – but it is rare. Most of the time, shipping is fast and customer service is excellent too. Everyone’s friendly and really accommodating – they all go the extra mile for us. Tatak Pinoy!

Eyes using Pat Mcgrath Mthrshp Subversive Metalmorphosis

This is one of the makeups I got that arrived within 3 days after I ordered. Review posted here.

8. The Sephora Beauty community helps. More ways to earn points like reviewing your recent product purchase.

A lot of companies already ask their customers to make a product review. On my end, making a product review is automatic for me because I know these product reviews also helped me in deciding what to purchase next and what to avoid – because Sephora PH also posts bad reviews! Also, Sephora rewards us by giving us points in every product reviews we make.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

This lip treatment is just one of those products I bought because the reviews are awesome. In checking a good review, don’t just count the stars, also count how many users took their time to review the products with more sense. It means the customer really took their time to comment and make sensible reviews. Some of them really have good reviews but accidentally chose the wrong star so please read well.

I love this lip treatment because it is not expensive and it has a good quality. It doesn’t melt fast and really hydrates the lips. You only need a few swipe to treat the whole lips. The only downside is that you need to reapply at least 3x more often compared to other luxurious brands that give excellent results without the need to apply often.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

I rarely show my brows but ever since I purchased and used this clear brow gel, my makeup looks levelled up! It is so important to get the right makeup product for you. This product may be expensive for others but for me who is using a more expensive brow gel before, this is life-changing!

Wearing Urban Decay Naked Heat from Sephora AU

There are also some products with not-so-good-reviews but I didn’t follow and bought it anyway because I love the brand so much, in this case – Huda Beauty! I regret buying it and also warned the others through my review.

Huda Beauty Neon Green Obsessions

It’s weird because when you check this specific product and its reviews, a lot of reviews are reposted using the same name! This is why I really want to emphasize on how important thoroughly reading reviews is.

Formula is not good – it is not pigmented, not buildable nor blendable. I hate how much fall out it has! Packaging looked really cheap and I honestly do not see any “neon” color from this palette. I was so frustrated.

9. Items for points redemption are awesome!

Nudestix Lip & Eye Pencil

On this look, I used the Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color in Nudity. It is lightweight and foolproof but it caked and smudged after staying for 2 hours on my eyes (left eye with primer and right eye without). It is raining and so cold here in Manila right now but it still didn’t work. I think I aleady learned my lesson to never ever apply and leave my eye makeup’s hope to an eye “pencil.” I can only survive with powdered formula. I hate it!

The lip pencil is nice though – hydrating and last longer. It is lightweight for a pencil and already pigmented. It reached my expectations so far.

I just mentioned that my makeup looks levelled up because of my new brow gel. Kilay is life – this is why I’m always on the lookout for a good eyebrow pencil that is easy to use, doesn’t smudge, has a good color payout and doesn’t break easily. Good thing Sephora PH has good items perfect to try for points redemption.

The IT Brow power has a universal color for everyone to use. Well, the last time I used something “universal,” it doesn’t look good on me and price is way more expensive than this brand.

IT Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil

I love that the pencil is sturdy and doesn’t break easily. The color doesn’t oxidize and for some reason, their “universal” really looks good on me. It doesn’t irritate my skin or cause acne and I love how foolproof and easy it is to glide the pencil.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain – 96 Red Velvet

I have seen this lip stain for a year now but I never tried buying one. Surprisingly, it had good and legit reviews; but I didn’t believe the Sephora community.

Lo and behold, amongst all the products I redeemed from this haul, this lip stain is the best surprise for me. It is really good! It lasted me 10 hours without patchy or drying my lips. I love how hot it looks on me and how hydrating + lightweight it is on the lips.

It has a unique cherry red that has a very lightweight formula. It doesn’t feather nor bleed. It transfers for sure but it looks so matte and light that you won’t think of this a lip stain.

10. New items arrive on time! Also, Sephora notifies us about exciting promos, new products, updates, available items and exciting freebies.

On Eyes : Becca Volcano Goddess Eye Palette

We get to try new products from different brands because Sephora also releases it here in the Philippines. We have the chance to finally try better products and different brands in an earlier time.

Fenty Setting Powder

Fenty is just one of the brands that is always updated at Sephora PH. They sell the new products ASAP just like Nudestix. Other brands like Lancome take more time. But still, they have exclusive products that others don’t have.

Sephora still has a lot of hit-and-miss but I’m very grateful that they are finally here in PH. They continue to excel and do better. I’m not a fan of online shopping but for Sephora, I will shop at least every quarter to try good and exciting makeup and skincare brands.

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored. I’m currently having a #MissInformationTopPantsGiveaway and whoever follows my blog and comments on this post (within the Philippines ONLY) may win a #PlainsAndPrints Dots Top & #MarkBumgarner Ella Pants. More details on my Facebook page and Instagram account. See you there!



  1. Finally! took me forever to post this comment kaka recover sa wordpress accnt at password πŸ™ˆ
    Anyways, we all do love saaaallleeee heheh sale! Buti nalang may sephora para ma try lahat . Dl ko nga eto ulit and kalikutin and look for the sale items kung anong meron. Ang ganda ng mga makeup palette, ung iba di ako familiar. And i like your diff looks with diff shades ng lipstick ❀️

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  2. Been eyeing to try the SUGAR lip treatment nakita ko sya gamit ni Jungkook from BTS eh, hahaha kumi-kpop kineme rin pero yun nga since I really have dry lips sooobraaa will DL the app, as well to check

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  3. Now ngyn k naintidhn s sephora pti apps nia, bfre when I was working I visit the sephora store because of curiosity, almost lhat ng mga2ndang brands at latest mern tlga cla, un nga sa dami ng choices hndi aq nkbili dti kc nasurpised aq. Un nga lang limited lng s KSA un mga product especially pg ibng gender may ari or endorser…nkakamiss lng un my work ka then reward m self m ng mga pangkikay things lol!. Dami plang pakulo n sephora sa mga clients nila kya patok na patok cla sa mga beauty enthusiasts.

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  4. So informative and worth reading kasi straight to the point ang content walang ligoy2. I love the way how you present the facts and your pictures: both yourself and the products are well captured! You continue to inspire us through the years, To God be the Glory!

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    1. I will install this app and I know that my wife will always look on my cellphone to scroll on Sephora AppπŸ˜€..well she loves buying make-up on online shops and look for sale itemsπŸ˜€πŸ˜‰. Thanks for the review..it will help her a lot😊


  5. Ms. Japs kmsta po? I was worried po sa inio, Can I get your email po, d q mkita kng saan ko nasulat s dami ng notebook ko. Namiss k n un mga moments nio s fb or ig Ms. Japs, hope your doing well po.

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  6. Different looks, different make ups all are beautiful you are! Bakit sayo miss Japs ang ganda ganda kahit anong color pa ng lippy.. I would love to try Everlasting lipstick mapapa wow ka talaga! 😊

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