As Fergie said, “Big girls don’t cry.” Hmmm.. But last week I cried like a lil girl after leaving Crown Towers Manila. We ate in a coffee shop after check-out and before going to DreamPlay. I was sitting there.. teary eyed and told my husband, “I’m sad.” I got sad because I felt like we need more time to swim, rest and have fun. I enjoyed my stay in Nobu and Crown Towers so much that I don’t wanna go home anymore. 😧 You can see more photos about our suites by going here. More details about the great stories I want to share with you during our staycation.. SOON! 😊

Dior Eyeshadow & MAC Sin

That is why choosing the makeup for this look became very easy for me. With white eyeliner, nude eyes and strong lips — my look shouts “stronger!” πŸ˜‚ I felt so sad but I want to look tough so I chose a makeup that says, “Big girls don’t cry” though my heart says, “Cry!!!” πŸ˜…

Let’s add the golden funky choker and cute earrings = an instant rock star look! ✌ πŸ˜… #ToughGal coming up. πŸ˜†

Plains & Prints Bavin Dress

Extended sleeve denim cotton chambrey waisted dress with lattice trim accent. A self tie front detail for a fun top and skirt look.

A denimed dress that has a comfy cotton fabric and a tie in the mid-part of the dress that made the look casual, fun and chic. It is so cute and comfy, I can wear it FOREVER! 😍 Paired with Aldo ZaitzΒ ballet flats, I looked “cuter” because it’s nude and gave me more height that is perfect for the look I wanna pull-off that day.

Photos are in Crown Towers Lounge

I’m trying to smile for the camera while my heart is crushed inside. πŸ˜… I’ll truly miss the people, Nespresso coffee machine, the pool, etc. 😊 How hard is it to say goodbye to Crown? 😯 It’s a good thing that after our stay in Crown, we immediately went to DreamPlay for “fun.” Unfortunately, most of the activities in this place requires “physical” strength. That time, I don’t have “the body” to put an effort in every activity that DreamPlay offers; so instead of having fun, I was just there — sitting down — looking at our photos… πŸ˜… in CROWN TOWERS MANILA. In my defense, I wasn’t crying in DreamPlay anymore. πŸ˜ƒ


In connection to my weekly post for our project, I am very proud to say that I… gained more weight. πŸ˜… I understand that being sad means more weight.. Now I know that the same thing goes when you are too happy. πŸ˜‚ Of course, I already fit in to one of my favorite clothes from Plains & Prints.. so one way of celebrating the unlocked goal is by EATING! πŸ˜… Here are the blouse and skirt I want to wear that caused me to be lax and gain weight AGAIN. πŸ˜†


Weight : 168 Lbs

Lesson Learned : Have fun.. but start finding ways to have enjoyment without too much eating involved. 😨

New Activity : Swimming for 2-3 hours a day. Note : I stopped swimming after checking out in Crown Towers Manila. 😒 Our condo’s pool isn’t too private compared to what Crown Tower has.

There you go. I showed my weakness this week. 😧 But! I still encourage everyone to join us in the journey of losing weight. Join our group in Facebook – Chubby Girls Get Skinny (click here). It is a fun group led by :