OOTD : Aeropostale

Change, they say, happens as we grow older. I happen to love wearing blouse and pants/shorts when I was a teenager but stopped wearing pants when I became a mom and fibromyalgia got worse.

2016-03-05 09.05.44

If there’s one thing I love to wear ever since — I love wearing dresses. My mom always makes me wear a dress for church or parties. I’m used to it. 😊 I stopped wanting a dress when I got married and know that it would be uncomfortable for me to wear a dress with a baby plus the fact that we consider budget at that time. 5 years ago, I dreamed about having a closet full of dresses. I told that to my husband. At that time, it was impossible for us to have it.. but I just said it anyway. God is good that as of this date, my dream is now accomplished. Thank God for providing for us.


Until one day, Plains & Prints released a long-sleeved blouse that I love. I need blouses every other time for checkup and casual days. I still remember the day I tried the blouse, I felt like “large” is too big for me. So I asked for a medium size and love the fit… but the Plains & Prints staff told me that a medium size is too small for me so for some reason, I listened to her suggestion and bought the large size instead. Unfortunately, it is too big and loose on me. I was do disappointed so I went back to Plains & Prints to replace it; but because my perfume scent is already stuck in the blouse, they didn’t allow me to return it though it was bought a couple of days ago. I know! Rule of replacement sucks here in the Philippines! Big time. As much as I want to exercise my rights, the manager told me that they will ask the staff (who made the suggestion) pay for the blouse if I will ask them to replace it… Anyhow.. the unfortunate incident turned into a better situation. Why?

Aeropostale Blouse

Because I learned to love oversize blouses and for some reason, see myself sexy in it. Plains & Prints didn’t release another blouse that is as comfy and chic as what I first bought. Hence, I always wear the same blouse whenever I go to the hospital or feel cold/sick. I call it my comfy blouse. But lately, my mom heard me say, “I need another comfy blouse.” I didn’t know she heard me but I saw her staring at me. Until last May, she bought me a Mother’s Day gift. It was heavy so I excitedly opened it. After seeing the brand Aeropostale, I immediately think that this might be something I can’t wear. I seriously can’t wear a casual outfit from Aeropostale. πŸ˜… But wait! 😀

Coach Bag

The size is XL and way bigger than my first “comfy blouse” and my husband keeps on saying that it’s impossible for me to wear something THAT big. Before leaving for our staycation, I tried it on and he said, “Hmmm… Bahala ka.” In Filipino, it’s his way of saying, “Do what you want!”

Plains & Prints Shorts & Aldo Zaitz Flats

The day arrived when we’re already at Crown Towers. I have 2 clothes left for breakfast. Another dress and the Aeropostale casual blouse. I asked my husband if it’s okay to wear it already. He agreed when he saw the photos above. πŸ˜…


It is funny how he suddenly protects me and covers my legs after telling me that it is something he doesn’t imagine me wearing. πŸ˜… Anyway.. I made my makeup too light and paired it with gold lipstick for a hotter look. πŸ˜‰ All these efforts for a breakfast in Crystal Lounge. 😊 If there’s one thing I proved here — that is my mom’s way of listening and giving me what I need. She didn’t reply when I told them I need another comfy blouse but she bought me one.. she bought me the best comfy blouse ever!

I always want to do this pose. πŸ˜…

The blouse is very comfortable. It is 100% cotton and very heavy. I love its design where the blouse is shorter on the front and longer at the back. It looked so sexy with shorts and even sexier because of my Aldo Zaitz ballet flats. Love love this look. So laid back and simple yet very fashionable. Thanks mom! Lov ya! πŸ˜™ Because of your gift, I now have a new favorite brand of clothing and a new comfy blouse as well.



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