Mom’s Day in Lugang Café Megamall

So our last visit in Lugang Cafe Megamall was last December 2015 with my in-laws (read here). This year, we went back to Lugang Cafe with my family.


The first thing we noticed in Lugang Cafe was the new menu they have. I enjoyed looking at it because of the new and exciting food they currently offer. More options for beef, pork, seafood, veggies and chicken dishes. I love how organized and sturdy the menu is.

2016-05-10 09.12.52
Menu (10/10)

Of course we ordered the same favorite dishes (read more here) we love. We even tried new dishes to brag about. Let’s start with :

Garlic Pork Roll (9/10)

It is made fresh — spring roll wrapped into perfection of cooked pork, fresh veggies and tasty sauce. It is uniquely done. The points deducted is for a possibility to make it fried since we are not used to eat something like this.. but the bravery and creativity of the chef must be honored in this dish.

Three Cup Squid (10/10)

It is well cooked and  the squid is crispy. The sauce is just right for this kind of dish. It is delicious and addicting. A person can easily finish one serving with alcoholic drinks.

Tofu Clay Pot (10/10)

The serving of this dish is too generous for its price. Its sauce is just right for the ratio of the tofu and the seasonings can be tasted in this dish. I love the originality of this dish – an option to eat something delicious yet very healthy.

Oyster Omelet (10/10)

It is the crowd-favorite. The sauce it comes with is perfect for its crispy goodness. A combination of oyster, eggs, veggies, and seasoning. It’s not oily and surprisingly does not give satiation (umay in Filipino).

Mango Supreme
Mango Supreme (10/10)

It is not sweet but the richness of mango and the syrup they put here can be tasted easily. The mangoes are fresh and the dessert is well-presented. A dessert for everybody!

Strawberry Serrdura (10/10)

A sponge cake with creamy icing on top, middle and even underneath the cake. The cake is soft with a combination of light sweetness and a bit of tanginess in one. It will give you a satisfaction in every bite.

Staff (10/10) : I wanna commend Mylene for a job well done. She was very calm, patient and knowledgeable in everything about their food on the menu. I love her smile – it’s very contagious. She is very helpful and goes the extra smile to assist us.

Paul, the manager of the day, took care of us as well. He made sure that everything is okay. Robert, the Operations Manager, even greeted us and checked on us once in awhile. Their staff are friendly and courteous. I’m glad to be served by people who give value to their customers. Not only that, Mylene took this photo. It’s rare to find a good server who is also a good photographer. Thanks for this memorable photo, Mylene!

We all love it here! #Du30 

Lugang Cafe Megamall made our experience extraordinary. From the special food to the people we have met in Lugang Cafe. A one-of-a-kind restaurant that serves the best Taiwanese dishes in Manila.

Thanks Lugang Cafe Megamall!



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