Estee Lauder Skincare Haul

Oops did I write the title correctly? And yet ANOTHER SKINCARE HAUL when in fact all I do is buy, review and say I like this certain brand … then LEAVE? Why change to Estee Lauder? What happened to Lancome? Oh well. Before you question my loyalty.. let me tell you the back story. Here we go.

Estee Lauder 2020 Skincare Products

Novel coronavirus – that’s what happened! With Sephora unavailable for months, Rustan’s is my only option. I buy Lancome at Sephora and waiting for another month’s time is really not an option for me – especially when it comes to skincare. Now why Estee Lauder you may ask? Because it is the only brand who generously gave me foundation samples when I was looking for a replacement to my Dior foundation. Because of its generosity and awesome customer service.. I remembered it as soon as lockdown is lifted.

Advanced Night Repair Serum

Of course my first target is their best seller – this serum. Oh wow! Life-changing! My skin thanks me for taking care of it again after months of staying at home – dryness and aging in all its glory. I love how lightweight it is on the skin (talk about not feeling anything sticky or heavy). My husband used it after microneedling and his skin looks radiant and extra-firm. I also love that it doesn’t have any irritating scent. Best part? Its container and dropper are luxurious and sturdy.

Free Sample

It’s true to its word that it IMMEDIATELY hydrates and makes your skin feel radiant. I want to defy aging and I want to age with grace and I honestly feel that Estee Lauder is a brand I’d love to grow old with, kinda like my husband (hehe kilig โ˜บ). I tried the mini sample first for a week and I saw the difference in my skin’s moisture and firmness. I bought its biggest size after the trial.

Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum

I have to try and compare this with the other firming serum with AHA. Oh wow! The one with AHA makes my skin brighter and more supple.. but since I’m not really into making my skin lighter, I chose this one instead. I fell in love with its ability to make my skin feel velvety smooth. It’s actually a perfect makeup primer as well. After a week of use, I noticed that my skin feels so smooth and firm as if my skin went back from the past where COVID does not exist. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ Finally, it made my pores look smaller, my wrinkles are less-visible, and skin is plump.

Revitalizing Supreme + Creme

I took a wild guess and risked a lot on this product. Aside from the fact that I don’t know anything about this one and I never had a sample of this, I just trusted other people’s review. Years ago, I only apply serums on my face and thought that moisturizers aren’t needed as long as I have serums with me. For 2 months (under lockdown), I only have samples of creams and moisturizers with me, I never thought that they will actually help me get through.

Creams and moisturizers are used for skin hydration and to seal moisture. Because it is thick and usually heavy, it cannot really penetrate the deeper parts of the skin. Serums, on the other hand, improve skin firmness to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. They are often lightweight, not sticky and easy to absorb. In doing your skincare routine, moisturizers and creams should be the last step BEFORE your eye care.

I want my inner and outer skin to be protected and so I prioritized creams this time. Like what I said, I took samples of the serums first before purchasing them. Which means, my skin survived a week using this cream ONLY without any serum (after I finished the mini samples I got).

No Filter

It is thick and creamy without a question but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I love that it doesn’t stain my clothes or pillows. It sets fast and definitely complements with the other serums I apply first. I definitely still have acne (usually on the chin, hormonal) but even my acne is soft and elastic (haha). I love that my skin feels so soft and smooth but it NEVER made my skin oily or sticky. Finally, best anti-aging for the neck area! No itchy feeling.

Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum

Of course a skincare routine won’t be complete without an eye serum. I already emptied my eye serum months BEFORE lockdown. I happen to not prioritize it that time plus my Lancome eye serum is out of stock… and so this is one of my highest priorities as soon as Rustan’s opened.

I must say.. eyebags are still there.. but Estee Lauder never said it’s supposed to make your eyebags smaller BUT it made my dark circles lighter and it prevents my eyes from aging. I started a bit early (30’s) in applying skincare and I focused so much on my eyes for I don’t want them to look tired or heavy. Estee Lauder made sure my eyes look alive and youthful.

Lip Balm

Out of stock almost everywhere. Hubby had to go to PowerPlant just to buy this one and I must say, “It is totally worth it!” If I can hoard, I would for I prolly found the best lip balm that doesn’t need tons of re-application for you to see its awesome result!

Apply it in the evening and see your lips pinky red in the morning. With its ability to moisturize your lips without its sticky and heavy feeling, you know it’s also the perfect lip primer to prep your lips before applying a pretty heavy and drying lipstick.

It doesn’t have a flowery scent and you don’t need much or too many reapplication for you to see results. I only need 1 application and I’m all set for the whole day. I don’t think I’ll ever replace this. I mean I love Pat McGrath but I never thought Estee is hiding a gem somewhere.

I would definitely love to try more Estee Lauder products. In fact, I have a sample of their foundation and primers on hand. I would review these soon and let you know how it goes. ๐Ÿ˜Š

I definitely fell in love with the brand.. add the fact that I love their customer service. Kudos to Kim, Estee Lauder’s beauty advisor on Instagram. She helped me in choosing my next purchase. Definitely a patient, helpful and detailed person.

Do you need help or do you have any questions about Estee Lauder’s products/service/promos?

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Shout out to Rustan’s staff Lorna for the assistance and their friendly staff and guard at PowerPlant. I am loyal now because they took care of me. ๐Ÿ™Œ



    1. Thank u for dropping by and appreciating my post. I love it. Though not sponsored.. Id like to write about the brand and share how it helped me glow up ๐ŸŒŸ


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