My mom used to tell me, “You are so careless!” πŸ˜… That is why this OOTD will show how careless I am in connection with my experience from Week 2. First, I want to define careless as something done spontaneously. I am too detailed and I want everything planned carefully. Week 2 is about spontaneity of the food I ate, the things I did and the decisions I made. I felt so brave for being so spontaneous! πŸ˜‚ Here are some photos from my spontaneous meet-up with my cousin T.


While taking photos, a lady laughed at us and wished for the door to be opened. I wanted to attack her and got really mad for saying rude things while we’re taking photos. As I look and listen to her, I realized that if I’ll stop what I’m doing for her to stop being rude to us, I should feel ashamed for encouraging other women while I myself is defeated by someone who is eaten by her own insecurities. I decided to care less and still be confident all throughout the “pictorial.”


People love giving advices on how to lose weight. They say 1.) Stop eating too much and 2.) Start exercising. My answers are 1.) How did you know that I’m eating too much? Are you here with me daily for you to know that I eat way too much? πŸ˜… 2.) I’d love to exercise NOW but fibromyalgia doesn’t permit me to. 😯 It is lovely to hear advices; but if not an expert, please do not be careless in blurting your words. It is a good thing that this week, I cared less on other people’s opinion. 😊

Clarks Shoes

This dress, Madrid, shouts CARING LESS as well. From the length, design and the thick cloth it has. Imagine wearing that during summer and then walk in the mall wearing those heels? Wow! Now that’s being careless. I love the design of this dress.. and though people say otherwise.. I just don’t care!

2016-05-28 23.05.46
MAC Eyeshadows & MAC Retro Matte

I love this eyeshadow combination together with MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick. Purple and maroon to blend and silver for highlight. With a touch of MAC Retro Matte’s nude lippy, a “careless” look is definitely showcased here.

2016-05-28 23.04.19


I didn’t exercise last week because I’m not yet allowed to. I did the same activities and ate the same food.. BUT! I drank MORE water and ate more fruits.

Lesson : Start caring less when people who care less started to pretend caring more.

Weight : 166.9 Lbs

2016-05-28 22.54.19

I found a photo of a model who loves doing this pose. I said, “Ohhh! It seems like she cares less.” So I imitated it and now I’m gonna say, “I don’t care…”