My OOTD blog posts from now on will be extra special because I am joining the journey of my co-blogger, Elisabeth (see here). Though I am not as bold as her and the other ladies to update you guys of my daily lifestyle and eating habits, I’ll give you a different update. Here’s my own way of joining her journey :


Weight : 171.1 Lbs

Date Started : May 21, 2016

Target Weight : 124.7 (Right BMI)

Lesson to Share : In losing weight, the main effort must come from you!

In the weeks to come, I’ll be posting details about my journey as well. In support with Elisabeth and all the women who are in this journey with me.. with us.. I am glad that Elisabeth inspired me (just as usual) with her recent post and made me seriously decide to make this public. I hope that while we walk through this journey, may you also find hope and encouragement to start TODAY.


To start with, let me give you an idea of why I am in this situation. Growing up, I was really chubby. From 120 lbs till college, I lost 30 lbs in a year because of a heartbreak and an encouragement from my mom to lose weight so I can fit on a gown for my 18th birthday party. This was the result :

Pictures (115)

For years, I was this thin until I got married and had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome after giving birth on our first child. Because of that, I reached 210 lbs. 2010, I did my best to lose weight. Because of running and having a healthier lifestyle, I lost 70 lbs in a year. I was so happy at that time because my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome was gone for the meantime and that caused me to be pregnant for the 2nd time.


From 140 lbs, I gained 40 more lbs while pregnant. After giving birth, I lost 20 lbs. I was quite happy to be at 160 lbs.


Last year, I had Hypothyroidism. From 160 lbs, I gained 5 lbs at the end of 2015. Lately, I was hospitalized and took steroids for a month. That gave me another 6 lbs. I feel like crying. I’m starting to lose clothes that fit and I started to not feel good about myself. 😢


Until I read about Elisabeth’s post and the other women who posted their comments that served as an encouragement for me up to this date. Yes losing weight is hard since I have PCOS and hypothyroidism, but I know that with the right motivation, things will be better soon… just like before!

Accessories from Forever 21

For my makeup, I used MAC purple/pink eyeshadow and Ofra Laguna liquid lipstick on the lips. Last week, I blogged about MAC Retro Matte and to really compare Ofra from MAC, I used Ofra on this look. True enough! MAC will still win over Ofra since MAC lasts longer and still has better quality.

I’m wearing a Plains & Prints RAF pink-purple dress, and that is why I made the look a purple-pink combo. The dress is studded yet very simple. It is flowy and light. I paired it with a light bracelet and ring then wore a small pink/white earrings from Forever 21.


Ladies, what do you think of this look? What do you think about our challenge to all women to look and feel healthier? Are you going to join me, Elisabeth and other women in this journey as well? Let me know. Let’s walk through this journey together and battle obesity faster. God bless you all!