OOTD : 32 Questions (Ft Maureen Disini’s Rowan)

Hi everyone! Last Monday, I celebrated my 32nd birthday.. and to make it extra special, I wore one of my dream outfits — an off-shoulder/tube dress by Maureen Disini, a famous designer here in the Philippines. As what I discussed from my recent blog post, one of the reasons why I love Plains & Prints is because of their collaboration with different designers every other time. Amongst all the 4 designers who collaborated with my favorite brand, Maureen Disini’s creations are my favorite. Maureen Disini’s designs are simple, chic but elegant.. just like her! Here’s 1 of the 2 dresses she made.

For this birthday OOTD post, I asked my followers and friends to ask anything about myself, health, relationships, motherhood, etc. Here they are and my answers about the topics. Please read on as you might relate to the questions asked on this post.

Plains & Prints 🎀 Maureen Disini’s Rowan Off-Shoulder Dress

1. You work, homeschool your 2 kids, do household task and blog. How do you manage to still look good?

Because of this photo.


This was me 7 years ago. 210 lbs. People laugh at me, make fun of me and belittle me in many ways possible. I felt insecure and lonely. Because of this, my husband did his best in making sure that I’m confident, happy and back to my old self. This is the photo I always look at when I feel lazy to take care of myself. I put extra effort in making sure that I look good and my husband likes what he sees. I feel bad when someone says, “Wow! I envy you because you look better than me.” If they only knew that my advocacy is for them to be empowered.. to encourage them in taking care of themselves. I don’t look “perfect,” I never aim to be. I just want to see myself in the mirror and say, “There you are Japs.” I hope that you also put an extra effort in beautifying yourself and I also want you to know that you are beautiful in your own way. If people don’t see that, you should affirm yourself of that beauty within you. You are beautiful, with or without makeup or that beautiful dress on. You are beautiful.

2. How do I take care of my skin if I’m very busy? 

There are tons of skin care products that work really well even without spending too much time on it daily. I currently use Banish‘s Activated Charcoal Mask to clean my skin and make my pores less visible. Only 2-3x a week and the skin is guaranteed to have less blemishes in no time.

I also use Banish Pumpkin Mask to make my active acne dry and smaller in 1-2 days. It’s so amazing how well these products work. I only spend 5-10min every other day and the results are unbelievable!

Trying to be a ballerina with this Melissa Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Ballerina Shoes

3. What can you say about eyebrow tattoo? I don’t like it. Time will come that the tattoo will fade and your skin will sag. The eyebrow tattoo shape won’t be the same and the color will either darken or become lighter. In the end, a laser is needed to remove the tattoo. It’s not easy to hide the scar and the expenses are outrageous. Teach yourself how to make good brows. Period.

4. Where are the best places to find plus sized clothing? Plains & Prints RAF, H&M, Karimadon, ForMe, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse and Petit Monde

Forever 21 and H&M accessories

5. What have you learned about yourself from blogging?  That I can learn more to teach more, receive more to share more, and love more to forgive more.

6. What is your message to your younger self? Dear Japs, Take it easy. You’ll find yourself very soon. Whatever hardships you’re experiencing now will make you a better person in the future.

Michael Kors Belt

7. We are newly married. We want to have our own place and we finally saw one; but we are having issues as early as now. How will we know if we should continue on pursuing the same place with issues or look for another place? Consider the ff :

1. How much do you want the place?

2. If you look for other options, do you have more time and budget to look again?

3. Whatever issues you’re experiencing now.. Is it really something that takes time? If it shouldn’t take time.. then it’s best to call their head office and get their attention. Do whatever you need to do to get the place. It works all the time. It’s time to scare the agent, developer and the management for you to get what you deserve.

8. What are your favorite subjects to teach? English, Computer and Values Education.


9. Who are your bestfriends? My husband.. my childhood best friend, Peter.. My girl friend Jai.

10. Have you always been a fashionista and a beauty addict? Yes a fashionista but no funds to look like one. A beauty addict? Want to be but again no money to fund the addiction before. 😅


11. What is your favorite quotation? No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. – Eleanor Roosevelt

12. What are your favorite desserts? Blueberry cheesecake, Tiramisu and Blackforest


13. How to be a fab mom? Love your children. Take care of your skin. Spend time with your children. Value yourself. Drink a lot of water.

14. What are your favorite movies? Train to Busan, The Vow and Love Struck Musical


15. How to be you, Japs? Be a product of bullying and a broken family but with a God so loving that He redeemed me and made me whole.

16. What do you love to do? Putting on makeup, writing, watching movies, teaching, and spending time with my family. Sing, i love to sing! Dance.. sometimes!

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

17. Favorite Bible verse? He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

18. On raising kids, what are your fetish or personal rules as a mom? I don’t like to see my kids dirty. I always want them to share and give way. My rule : Study hard. Enjoy later. I don’t want to impose rules. I want them to understand why I’m asking them to do certain things then make them “follow” it without apprehensions.

NARS eyeshadow

19. Favorite restaurants? Abe, Tony Roma’s, Kimono Ken, Dolcelatte, Lugang Cafe and Sambo Kojin

20. What are your favorite brands? Dior, MAC, Coach, Melissa, Aldo, Plains & Prints, Clarks, NARS, Clarins, Perricone, and Banish


21. How to keep your marriage happy? Love God then yourself so it’s easier to love your spouse. Give time to your spouse before anything else. Be sweet. Give and always outgive. Forgive.

22. How is your relationship with God? He is my Abba, my Best Friend. I do my best to find ways in making others know Him through me.


23. What activities do you do with your kids for socialization? First, I define hanging out with us (older people) a socialization. At home, we pray and worship God together, sing songs, and watch movies. I noticed that they act more mature than other kids and less spoiled. Next, they attend kids church once a week and they play at least 1-2x with other kids weekly.

24. How to be/get started as a freelancer or work-from-home professional? Ask yourself : How sure are you that you can be excellent in your craft while at home. Working from home means less socialization, staying at home most of the time and being productive at home. If you answer yes in everything, then you’re ready to apply and start your life as a freelancer.


25. How do you manage your time? I prioritize the important things – God, family, work, myself, blogging. I stop doing the unnecessary things. I cut-off the people who don’t make me a better person. I use a calendar app that reminds me what I have to do daily. I don’t turn on the wifi until I did what I have to do. I stick to my schedule and ask help from my husband and children. When all else fail, I stop and understand that there’s another day for a certain task.

26. What do other people don’t know about you?  I prick my pimples, bad I know. I love changing my profile picture in Facebook weekly. I am OC. I love Friends series. I cook. I’m a cry baby. I’m a Jadine fan, don’t mess with them. I act crazy when I’m with my family. I love to laugh. My favorite thing to do is to hide under the blanket. I am a workaholic.


27. Breakfast ideas :

Banana and mango shake.

Chicken adobo turned into chicken flakes – Set the sauce of the adobo aside. Make sure there’s no sauce left and the chicken is already dry. Make chicken fillet by removing chicken skin and bones. Fry the chicken until crispy.

28. Are you really 32? How do you manage to look young after all these years? Makeup? 😅 Sleep more. Skincare as early as 29 years old. I think like I’m in my 20’s and act like one.


29. If the husband is hurting you and he has an affair. What should I do? Love love love and forgive. Win him back. Fight for the marriage. Fight for what is yours. Love him more though you feel he doesn’t deserve it. Pray for him in silence or try to pray with him. Always seek God for wisdom on how to be a better wife. Forgive him. Forgive yourself. Stop pushing yourself to him thinking that your efforts will change him. Pray to God and be closer to Him while He make ways to bring back the man you love. Watch the movie Fireproof with him. It will change your lives.

30. How did you and your hubby meet? We were officemates in Convergys way back 2004. He caught my attention because he was late and I hated how he talks. Eventually, I fell in love with his accent, gentleman traits and his wit. I love smart men. He doesn’t have to put too much effort for me to love him. My hubby is God’s gift to an insecure lady like me. He drives me crazy but he’s the best gift I ever had.

Thank you everyone for making my birthday special!

31. Basic makeup routine :

– Apply Dior Lip Glow

– Groom brows. Then use the brow pencil to do them.

– Apply a primer

– Put foundation on

– Apply eye primer then eyeshadow

– Put mascara and eyeliner on

– Bronzer, blush-on and highlighter time.

– Conceal

– Set makeup

32. How can I boost my confidence when I feel so low? Put on makeup. It enhances your beauty. Wear high heels. It helps your posture and make your legs look longer. Wear the right dress to highlight your features.

Wow! That was a long one. Thank you for loving me so much to read on. Do you have questions you think I might help you with? Please email me. I love to hear from you.



  1. Omgsh girl you are stunning!! As Always!!! I loved reading your answers to all the questions!! I totally teared up on #1!! What you said was so beautiful!! We need to be empowered and I totally agree putting a little extra work in making yourself feel beautiful (doing whatever a woman wants to feel beautiful) is so important! All woman are extremely beautiful and totally need to know that! I feel more confident and beautiful when I take a little extra time on myself!

    I don’t like makeup tattoos either. People will age and the tattoo will not look the same.

    I totally need to check out H&M for Plus Sized Clothing!

    I LOVE cheesecake!!!!

    And Amen to letting God redeem us!!! Life totally becomes meaningful and amazing when we do!!

    LOVE the answer to #25!!!

    Love all these answers girl. You truly are beautiful inside and out!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I found a beautiful dress in H&M and it’s cheap!

      I cut-off the people who don’t make me a better person. – let’s do this often and add people who make us feel better.. like you!

      Thanks for always making me feel confident and empowered.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This absolutely made my day oh my gosh. I promise you are such an inspiration to me!!! Especially when it comes to love. Your love and relationship with your husband never fails to make me want the same thing for myself. I love so much that you never forgot to speak of God and mentioned to keep Him first, especially in the hard times. That is such an important part of life! I loved all your pictures and that dress is adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly!!!! I’m learning a lot this year and growing closer to God and Him being first is definitely the first lesson I have learned and it’s so amazing what He does when you keep Him first. I just adore your mindset and personality! You’re so inspiring and sweet!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Seek first the kingdom of God and all THESE THINGS shall be added unto us. When we put God first, it is our way of saying – LORD, LET YOUR WILL BE DONE IN MY LIFE. I KNOW THAT FIRST AND FOREMOST MY PURPOSE HERE ON EARTH IT IS TO GLORIFY YOU. EVERYTHING IS SECONDARY. I have a lot of blog posts about my relationship with God and our past preaching in church. You can check on the page, Lessons in Life hopefully bless u in my lil way.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes Love is God…… The heart which is open, the heart which is receptive, the heart which is giving is the heart in which God himself comes to stay…. As he himself feels home in the hearts which know and shower love…..
    Be blessed with smiles and happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

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