OOTD : Vania Romoff’s Margarette

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile.. I know. πŸ˜‰ I celebrated my birthday this week and my son’s birthday last week. 2 loooooong weeks for me. Thanks again to Roberta for interviewing me a few weeks ago. It covered up my busyness for awhile. I’m now 32.. stronger.. and thriving! πŸŽ‚


As all of you know.. I love Plains & Prints. Since I became a fan of this brand last 2013, I can’t detach myself from them anymore. Many of you may think “Maybe she is sponsored by Plains & Prints.” Nope. Their advocacy is completely different than mine. I’m more on empowering mommies and women (of all sizes). I elaborate more on the imperfection of women (with flaws and flabs) and emphasize that we too can wear their clothing fabulously.

Accessories from H&M

Do I get to have special privileges, bigger discounts, freebies or invites to exclusive events from them? Not at all. πŸ˜… I’m just a loyal fan that happens to love their brand no matter what. I know most of their staff. I love their people but I don’t get anything from them. So yes, when I have giveaways, it comes from my own pocket. When I say I want to empower you.. I want to encourage you without gaining anything in return.

NARS eyeshadow palette and MAC To Matte With Love Retro Matte Lipstick

Because people are asking me a lot about this topic already and for you to know more about me, I’ve decided to blog about my love for Plains & Prints and why I have the obsession on this brand :

1. Plains & Prints is the only brand with designs that cover my flaws and highlight my features. Kudos to their designers!

Charles & Keith Curved Kitten Heel Pumps

I just want to commend Charles & Keith for my semi-casual comma heel pumps that are chic, comfortable and completely perfect to pair with this coral dress. I love that the heels aren’t too high and not too low either. I love how stylish yet simple the shoes are.

2. Plains & Prints has good quality fabric and cloth. I admire how detailed their owners are in terms of the quality of their clothes and the cleanliness of their fitting rooms. I salute them for listening to my suggestions and doing something about it as well.

Furla Bag

3. Plains & Prints has a good marketing team, models and photographers who showcase their collection so well. The good thing is they chose the best endorser — Anne Curtis.


4. Once in awhile, Plains & Prints collaborate with different designers for their collection. Basically, it’s like having designer clothes without paying too much for it. Like this off-shoulder dress from Vania Romoff named MARGARETTE. I love Vania Romoff and her pretty face that reflects to all her designs. She has a passion for fashion that can easily be seen in her sophisticated work.

Plains & Prints Margarette Off-Shoulder Dress

5. Plains & Prints partnered with the ICanServe Foundation to educate people about breast cancer and support them by giving a part of their earnings from the “Heart of Fashion Collection.”


There you go everyone. Those are my reasons for loving and patronizing Plains & Prints. Maybe I can share my love for Forever 21 and H&M next time. πŸ˜‰ How about you? What is your favorite brand and why?



        1. yes go ahead. i used a very light pink as base then light blue to make my eyes pop. then used a mac too matte with love on my lippy. it’s a cool look. i didnt plan abt this. i just had to follow the colors of my dress.. then this happened. πŸ˜‚

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