OOTD : Holter Blouse & Ultra High Skirt

Woooohhhh! It’s been a long time since I updated you guys. I celebrated my 1st year anniversary and had a contest for 2 days sponsored by no other than Dolcelatte. Thank you so much!

As I posted a week ago, I’m going through a series of test and one of which is the Holter Test (click here for more details). It is a 24-hr heart monitoring test to check my heart rate. I have tachycardia and my cardiologist ask me to do this test at least quarterly for monitoring. Here’s what I wore that day.

Plains & Prints Blouse and Ultra High Skirt, Furla Bag and Clarks Shoes


See? That’s me trying to convince myself that I’ll be alright and my simple way of showing you my rings. ๐Ÿ˜‰


The idea is to wear something loose to protect the wires inside and an outfit that can be divided in the mid area to put out the wires from the inside and connect it to the small holter machine outside. The machine is inside a body bag. Notice that the body bag looks funny on me because I already have a hand bag. ๐Ÿ˜‚


After putting the holter machine and wires on me.. I had to go to church and the mall wearing it. I am not allowed to go along the metal detector and it was so funny whenever I hear the sound of the detector because it scanned my machine. Ohhh man! For sure that part won’t be recorded by the machine. People were looking at me and the white tapes on my chest. Let’s say I’m already used to it.

Accessories from Forever 21 and H&M

Because I know that people will constantly stare at me, I made it worth their while and made sure that I look good despite of the weirdness of the tapes and machines on my chest.

Photos (3)

Primer : Clarins

Foundation : Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15

Powder, Eyebrow Liner, Eyeshadow, Mascaraย : Dior

Blush – On and Lipstick : Make Up For Ever

Eyeliner : Chanelย and Nars

Highlighter : MAC

Bronzer : Laura Mercier


When I bought this Dior eyeshadow, I’m quite hesitant to believe if this eyeshadow can actually create more looks compared to the other brands I have. Here are the looks I had using this eyeshadow before.

2016-02-01-05-26-2720160116_161117-12016-01-18 01.30.19

The idea is to use the same eyeshadow from Dior and make 2 different looks in 2 consecutive days. This is the 1st look I’m doing.


I used the white and gold colors as a highlighter. Then black and purple to contour my eyes. I used the beige Nars eyeliner to add more definition to my eyes and Dior’s mascara and Chanel eyeliner to protect my makeup from tears and sweat. Notice the highlighted area on my face? I gave my face a bronzed look to pair with my golden lips. ๐Ÿ˜…

Going to the hospital makes me cringe a lot. I hate the feeling of fear whenever I make a certain test or wait for the Drs to interpret the results. Looking good and fashionable make me feel happy. It eases the pain and fear I feel inside. Whenever I see the lady in the mirror, I forget the fear that the lady inside me reminds.



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