OOTD : Holter Dress

I’ve been doing the holter monitoring (read here for more details) for a year now and looking for a fashionable outfit is my issue whenever I’ll do this 24 hour test. I’ve been repeating myself lately.. Just an FYI, the idea of a holter outfit should be something that needs to be divided in the mid area. The wires on my chest should go out in the mid section of my outfit. Usually, I wear blouse and skirt/shorts. Now, I found a way to wear a dress. Now how can I divide a dress in the mid area?

Plains & Prints Dress

So here you can see the tapes wired to my chest area and connected to the holter machine. I look so silly wearing a body bag and using a shoulder bag at the same time. I wore a black sleeveless top to protect the wires inside and opened the zipper of my dress till the mid area and wore the body bag outside. In this way, I’m still comfortable while wearing the holter machine.

Coach Bag & Melissa Shoes

After the test, they removed the tapes and I also removed the sleeveless top inside then zipped my dress fully to complete the look that I should pull off. πŸ˜‰

Compare it with this look.

Remember when I dared myself to create 2 different looks using a Dior holiday eyeshadow palette for 2 consecutive days? Now here’s the 2nd look.

Dior Holiday Eyeshadow Palette

I used the grey, white, gold and black colors to create this look. Instead of contouring my eyes on the sides, I covered half of it to make a dimension and a completely different look. When I open my eyes, it looked very light; but when I close it, the division of colors can be seen. 😊

Day 2
Day 1

Yay! I did it! Now I’ve proven that the Dior eyeshadow palette can create more looks compared to other brands out there. πŸ˜„ Dior won my heart and swoon me EVERYTIME. How about you? Which look do you want? Day 1 or 2?


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