OOTD : Blackberry

How’s your February everyone? Hope you’re all doing great. The dress that I’m wearing now is still a part of the Holiday collection 2015. It is the sister of Cherry and Strawberry dresses I wore a few months ago.

Plains & Prints Blackberry

Unlike the Cherry and Strawberry dresses, Blackberry dress doesn’t have the “sweet” look. For me it’s more on a goth, dark but still a very charming look.


Because of the strong colors it has and the unique design and print of the dress, I paired it with a natural eye makeup with a strong eyeliner and a bold matte red lippy. I want my eyes to be more expressive and my lips to look sexy.



In this look, I made my eyes larger and made my lips sultry. Can I just say how I appreciate my accessories from H&M and Forever 21? They are just FA-BU-LOUS! πŸ˜„


Ohhh! I love the length of the dress — it is just perfect to give me comfort. The design is intruiging too. It made me look taller and thinner. πŸ˜… From the upper part of the dress which is made of cotton to the printed design of the lower area. I like how the hue changes. To help my look become sexier, I wore anΒ AldoΒ black wedge and a Michael Kors’ bag. Uhhh! How can I let go of this holiday collection?

What can you say ladies? Do you love the color combination and the design of this dress as much as I do?



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