Hello everyone! Wow! It has been a long time since I wrote something from the heart.. I’ve been through ups and downs and that is why it took me a long time to write something like this. As usual, this post came from what I learned in church but in the middle of each post, I will add my own insight about the topic. Alright? πŸ‘Œ

Basing on the topic and the love month we are in, the topic is about L-O-V-E! ❀ This time, it’s not just about love but also about the things we do to cover, hide and filter the ideas we know about love. Nowadays, love is already perverted and corrupted. It is hard to define real love. According to the Bible, Love is :



We live in a selfish world and because of it, we tend to think like this, “If I dont feel too good about myself.. I cant let you feel good about yourself either.”

I myself had that mentality before. From 90 lbs, I gained weight to 210 lbs before. I had to quit my job to have a safe pregnancy and to take care of our kids. I usually tell my husband that since you make me feel miserable.. I’ll make you feel the same way. In return, he will also hurt my feelings and ego. Until we realized that LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL. We must love each other though it means that the person is giving more than the other. Love is not giving a condition to love and be loved when the situation is in good terms or acceptable for you.

Love is loving someone though the situation isn’t under your terms of condition. It is loving your partner without looking at your benefits.

Imagine signing a job contract where you have no interest of having good benefits and terms that are beneficial to you. You do not mind the things you’ll receive in return for loving someone. That is love! 😍


Schadenfreude – taking pleasure from the misfortune of others

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to be happy for those who win, got promoted and had a lot of blessings when in fact it could’ve been us. Let us not be selfish and let the other person win the argument, let your spouse get that last piece of bacon, celebrate with your friend if he got promoted.

Sometimes, sacrifice doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your life or something to the person we love.. SACRIFICING also means CELEBRATING FOR THE ONE YOU LOVE.. even if it means that you could be the one who’s CELEBRATING

Since we are already discussing about love.. let us go a higher notch and define marriage. What is marriage?

1. Marriage shouldn’t be redefined. We shouldn’t misuse, abuse and destroy the meaning of marriage. It is a divine, physical and a permanent union of two people. If we redefine, replace and remove marriage in the picture of 2 people united in one roof, we can easily destroy the 2 persons involved.

Salt and pepper are completely different. Their makeup, their taste, and their color is different. But you always see them together. They give a more delicious taste to the cooked food.

When two people get married, it’s for better or for worse, like these joined salt and pepper. For richer or for poorer. In sickness and in health. If you pull them apart, you’ll break either one or both of them. God made marriage to be for life. – Fireproof

2. Marriage is sacred.

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a. Spouses, make your bed sacred. Do not let others lie down on your bed. If you spend a lot for gadgets and vacations, you must spend more for your bedroom.

b. Protect your marriage. Men, do not entertain “temptation;” may it be in a form of a “friendly” kiss from a common lady friend, a simple Facebook confirmation from a sexy stranger, or a compliment to a lady friend who acts too close to you. Men! You must be your wife’s best friend. Do not let another woman take that role from your wife; in the same way as you should also be your spouse’s best friend.

c. Women! Act like your husband’s girlfriend. Stay pretty, always take care of him, and protect your marriage. Pray! Kneel! Never give up on your man! Be his favorite go-to person. Give him the reasons to treat you like a queen by giving him the crown in your family’s kingdom.

d. Take care of each other. Men, protect your wives. Be your family’s provider. Ladies, make your house a home. Both of you have an equal role to protect and nurture your marriage.

3. Marriage is to leave and cleave.Β 

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There can only be one king in a kingdom and only one male head in a household.

How is it possible for 2 kings and 2 queens rule a kingdom? It will be impossible for us to teach independence to our children if we ourselves do not know how to practice it. Our children should see our roles as the head and the queen of the family. They should understand the value of leadership and responsibility. It will be harder for the husband and wife to be responsible if they depend on their parents.

Husbands, leave your family and cleave with your wife. Make your own family to protect, love and disciple.

Wives, do not make your man cleave with your family just because you can’t leave your own comfort zone. Leave your family and cleave with your spouse!

4. Marriage is getting a favor from God.

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I believe that God carefully handpicks the spouse we are supposed to have. Since God knows what’s best for us — we are assured that He already picked the best partner suited for us. Not the perfect spouse! The BEST PARTNER SUITED for US. God knows us and what we need. This is where the value of prayer comes in.

Single ladies and men, when you pray.. make it detailed! Ask God what you want specifically.. then it’s up to Him to tell you who is best to choose.. but the decision to listen and follow Him will be done by you! So pray.. listen.. obey!

Now that we already defined love and marriage.. I’m sure at the back of your head you’re thinking, “How can I do everything written in here? I’m not perfect!” Don’t worry! I’ve thought of that too! πŸ˜… You see.. it’s only through Jesus that we can experience the real meaning of love.. and it is only through Him that we can extend love to others. Love is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is only by His grace that we learn to love others in the same way that Jesus loves us. We should first experience God’s love so it would be easy for us to love one another.

So the next time you plan to be in a relationship or get married.. ask yourself first, “Am I ready to obey and follow God so my partner would be assured that I will love him in the way that God wants me to?”

The best assurance we can give our partners is having the best relationship with God so we can have a better relationship with our loved ones. Love is a commitment to take care of the blessing that God has given us — our spouse!