Did you remember my post about Mr. Kurosawa (read here)? Well, this post is more on redeeming our bad experience with them — Mr Kurosawa is Sandaime’s sister company. When we went inside Sandaime, all we noticed was how nice the ambiance and lighting are — we already know that we’re up for a good experience. We were greeted by the nice operations manager and he even assured us that we’ll be able to have a table in about 2 minutes which is actually what happened. Our area has a good room temperature and we have comfortable table and chairs.

Place (10/10)

We ordered almost the same dishes we had in Mr. Kurosawa but the taste and quality of their food is way different.

Ebi Tempura (9/10)

I love their tempura. The crisp, freshness and the juiciness of the shrimps comprised this dish. I hope it’s possible for them to have bigger servings like what we had in Mr Kurosawa.

Chicken Teriyaki (10/10)

Their chicken teriyaki had the right amount of sauce needed for a customer to enjoy. I love that it is cooked right with a hint of sweetness and the roast goodness they made on this dish. Though it is not my favorite because they added some thigh part, I still enjoyed every bite I had.

Sushi Roll Take-1
Sushi Roll ย (10/10)

My husband loves everything about it. Period. The ingredients are fresh and the sauce is a perfect pair to the sushi.

Japanese Fried Rice (10/10)

Remember when I said that Mr Kurosawa’s rice has a big container which makes the serving looked too stingy? Sandaime solved it by providing a smaller bowl and a better serving. Our food was served hot and fresh. All of the ingredients are well cooked and the serving was very generous. I have nothing bad to say.. really!

Price (10/10) : Because of the taste, food quality, and ambiance — the price is totally worth the experience. Mr. Kurosawa’s price is more expensive than Sandaime; but we had so much fun in Sandaime because of the good customer service and superb food quality we had. Definitely a must-try!

People (9/10) : Our server was very nice, helpful and knowledgeable. He was accommodating too! Even the managers were courteous and friendly. Our glasses of water were always filled by their snappy servers. Our waiting time is not too long and they always serve us with a smile. I also love how decent their uniforms are. If there’s only one thing I don’t like — it’s how the staff in the “open kitchen” stares at me. When someone eats, it’s not nice to stare.

Overall, our experience is a redemption of our bad experience with Mr. Kurosawa. I would love to try more from Sandaime… but.. I will still repeat what I said before, “Please change the uniforms of the lady servers in Mr. Kurosawa.” Aside from that, thank you for giving us a good experience through Sandaime.


Address: GF, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood Ave, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila
Phone:ย (02) 901 0825


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