OOTD : Alec Ft Marc Jacobs

Hello everyone! I know.. I know.. It’s been awhile.. Happy Heart’s Day!!!

Plains & Prints Alec

This was my outfit when we celebrated Valentine’s yesterday. A 3/4 off-shoulder dress that I really love. This design was an on-off trend. I had a lot of off-shoulder tops when I was a teenager and I enjoyed wearing it. I love love love my shoulders. Because of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mandy Moore’s “A Walk To Remember,” I learned to show my shoulders off.

When Plains & Prints came up with this design, all I ever said was, “I want one.. but how?” Now that I’m married with a bigger packaging and twins.. it’s harder for me to wear any off-shoulder outfit simply because I always need to wear a strapped undergarment for support. If the straps can be seen, then the outfit will lose its design. Wearing an off-shoulder top is quite impossible for me..

Nine West Shoes

Until I saw Maja Salvador, a celebrity here in the Philippines, wore an off-shoulder dress with a sleeveless undershirt. I think hers was really a part of the dress but that gave me an idea on what to do with my  next off-shoulder blouse/dress.

Forever 21 Accessories, Karimadon Belt

Before purchasing my clothes, I brought my undershirt with me to try it underneath the off-shoulder outfits that I want to buy.. and it went so well because now I’m featuring it here on my blog. I used a light purple sleeveless undershirt to make a “nude” illusion on my neck area and to put contrast on the color of my dress.

Since this is from Plains & Prints’ new summer collection, they ran out of sizes already. At that time, my only option is XL.. so to add shape on my body, I added a belt.. a white garter belt from Karimadon. Paired it with a Nine West nude wedge.. Voila! A taller and a sexy-shoulder look.

After a few hours of walking, we got tired and my feet almost died 😣 so I changed to my flats. Here’s what I look like..

Marc Jacobs handbag with sling

I am not a Marc Jacobs’ fan but after having one, I think they got me now. I love the fact that the strap of the bag has a protector that can be used as a cushion on my shoulders. I also like the metal on the front of the bag that gives details about the brand, name, etc. about the bag. It’s a Marc Jacobs’ trademark. I love how small and compact it is outside and yet spacious inside. I love the quality of the leather they used and how heavy it is as is.

MAC Ve Luxe A Trois Eyeshadow
MAC Unlimited Lip Creme

I love the makeup I used on this look. From my Clarins primer, to my Estee Lauder double coverage foundation, Shu Uemura powder, Laura Mercier bronzer, Makeup Forever blush-on. On the eyes are my waterproof makeups — Chanel eyeliner and Dior mascara. Of course, my best accessory that day — my husband.


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