OOTD : Peace

2015-12-26 15.21.56
Plains & Prints RAF Codex, Staccato Shoes, Furla Bag

This was my recent outfit. Yahoo! I’m updated. 😅 I love everything about this outfit. From the style that hides the flaws and shows the curves to the cut that covers my chest area and emphasizes my hips instead. I just love everything about this look!


Oops! Let me rephrase that. I love everything about this look except the shoes that have lower heels. I need to go to the mall so I need lower heels to be more comfortable in walking. I love the color and the rhinestones on my shoes; but I guess sometimes it’s already harder to walk in lower heels especially if the dress is just above the knee. I prefer a different shoes and bag.. but this look gave me all the comfort I need!


I also love the mint green Furla bag I’m using on this look. I rarely use a bag with a unique color; but this is definitely perfect for this look. 😊 I love the design, its leather and its capability to stock all my things inside and still look compact.

MAC Lippy
MAC Veluxe A Trois

Before I end this post, I just like to share with you our Pastor’s preaching yesterday. It’s about peace and who can only give us peace in this busy world. As humans, we tend to look for ways and things to gain peace; but there’s only One who can give us peace — The Prince of Peace, Jesus!

It is hard to have peace with God because sin separates us from Him. It is only by His grace, not our good works, that we are saved.

Peace within is hard to achieve because we have a lot of stress and problems day by day. We can only have peace within when we stop expecting; we tend to get hurt whenever we expect then not meet our expectations. Just be thankful to God always and trust that by all means, His will is perfect and on time. Stop expecting.. but don’t stop expecting that God prepared His best for you!

Peace with others is a daily struggle because it’s impossible to be okay with everyone. We can be civil with the person we don’t like but deep within we know that there’s something that irritates us whenever we talk to that person. As a Christian, we should be the one who doesn’t get offended anymore. We must be so assured of God’s love and confident enough that He will take care of us that there’s no need for us to get hurt whenever someone ignores us or says something bad to us. It is possible to have peace with other people if we only knew how to love more, pride less.. understand more, get offended less! Relationships are far more important than losing peace.


Peace cannot be bought. We can have all the money in the world and still won’t have peace in our hearts. Peace is freely given to those who want to accept God and have a personal relationship with Him. Let’s welcome Him in our hearts and open the door that He has been knocking for so long now. Merry Christmas everyone! May we have peace with God, peace in our hearts, and peace on earth! God bless you!




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