My Queen’s Lair Beauty Salon Experience

Woohoo! Another post to battle depression and sadness. Hello everyone! This was my OOTD last week from my nephew’s last wake and tribute.

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I want to grab the opportunity to blog about my rebond experience with Queen’s Lair Salon a few weeks ago.

Queen’s Lair Beauty Salon – G11 BSA Twin Tower Banks Drive, Mandaluyong City

I wanna rate this experience according to these categories :

Place (6/10) – The place is easy to find. The room temperature is just right to feel comfortable. There’s a restroom near the salon and the chairs are comfortable as well. They have big mirrors and great lighting to easily see the customer’s hair and her makeover. The salon is well-decorated, it doesn’t look small and it’s clean too! The bad thing I noticed is the fact that the place accommodates too many customers to the point that most of the ladies will sit down on the couch or even on the make-up chair. It’s understandable if the customer will just have a mani/pedi or a foot spa; but these chairs are not meant to be used by someone who will have a hair treatment. I was comfortable because I came in early and had the nicer chair; but I feel terrible for those who came late and sat down uncomfortably. Also, the place is too small that we can smell the strong chemicals of the hair treatment and from the outside, it seems like the salon has smoke inside.

Ensogo / Metrodeal Issues (7/10) – Yes it is great that we can have a rebond, hair color, and other salon services for a cheaper amount because of these deals; but these shopping sites didn’t make things clear. What are the issues that a customer could have between Queen’s Lair Salon and the online deal she bought?

  1. Kids are not allowed in the salon. They say that the smell is too dangerous for the kids. If you have kids, don’t bring them anymore. I understand that other salons allow children inside and that is why some parents bring their kids along with them. This is where the confusion starts.
  2. Do not buy the deal without going to the salon first. Why? They tend to say NO if your hair looks ridiculously damaged and if you bought a lot of deals that they cannot do in the same day.
  3. Take note of the validity date. Some customers forget to check this part of the deal. Always make sure that the promo is still valid.
  4. If you cannot visit, at least make a reservation before going there. It will guarantee you a comfortable seat. I suggest that you go there as soon as the salon opens. It will not just make your experience more comfortable, the stylist will also have more time to take care of you and your hair.
  5. Prepare at least a thousand or more for a treatment. They will tell you that you need to purchase a thousand worth of treatment that they will apply on your hair before doing any hair treatment. If you say no, they will also say no in doing the service. It’s like a mandatory purchase of a product before availing the service. But fear not! The customer can take the treatment home and the size is too huge for you to be stingy about it. The customer can use it for months and after using it for about 3 weeks now, I can say that the treatment is worth my thousand bucks! Also, prepare for a tip. 1-3 stylists will do your hair treatment. Know who you want to tip and who deserves a bigger amount. Appreciate the stylist’s work and effort in making all of us beautiful.
  6. Print the deal with the code and the deal’s details. Bring a xerox copy of your valid ID. Without these, they cannot give you any service.

People (9/10) – I want to give a perfect 10 but unfortunately, one of them disappointed me. Let me clarify that. This person disappointed me but I do understand his honest mistake. I do not like how the person who shampooed me washed my hair. My face got wet. I felt cold and he didn’t rinse my hair well. I also don’t like how he roughly held and washed my hair. I even heard his colleagues telling him to be careful; but I guess he didn’t listen or it’s just how he is.

The other employees were careful, neat, decent and they all have appealing faces. They were all wearing their Santa hats, they were calm in addressing irate customers and they are friendly to all the customers. Because of these stylists, the frustrating part of the experience got partly hidden and their smiles and great customer service were magnified instead.

2015-12-07 03.55.55

The manager, Jules, made my experience almost perfect. From the way he talked to me to his efforts in making my hair softer up to the camaraderie we had at that day. He proved to me that even though I could be disappointed with their place and all, he will do his best to make my experience top-notch. He did his best in making sure that I’ll have a perfect makeover.


Hair Rebond Procedure (7/10) – They did the procedure well. What I’m trying to look for is the part where the stylist mentions to me what he’s putting on my hair and what it does. I also looked for the board they usually put under my hair to make sure that my hair will be straighter after rinse; but they didn’t put any. I made it clear that the stylist should iron my hair after blowdry; but he didn’t. Though I understand that he didn’t iron it anymore because there are lots of customers waiting in line, they should’ve done what needs to be done. Also, there was a time that my hair wasn’t rinsed well but the stylist didn’t ask the other stylist to rinse it again or ask me if it’s okay that they won’t rinse it again. It’s more on honesty and grace under pressure from the next customers in line. They also didn’t show me the L’oreal Extenso rebond treatment before starting and that could be counted as not being transparent. Nevertheless, my hair looks amazing. My bangs look great and my hair became softer. It is not the softest hair I had; but it is one of the best. Thanks for taking care of me Jules! Until next time!


Queen’s Lair Beauty Spa

MAKATI: G4 Tower 4 Cityland Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City

MANDALUYONG: G11 BSA Twin Tower Banks Drive, Mandaluyong City

METROWALK: 88 Gold Park Center, Meralco Avenue, cor Julia Vargas beside MetroWalk, Pasig City



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