OOTD : Iman Ft Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Hi everyone! How long has it been? I think it has been a year or so since I blogged about something. December is about to say goodbye but I never felt December this year. My nephew died, my toddler got confined in the hospital for days, my other son had gastroenteritis the other day and I celebrated Christmas with bronchitis. It doesn’t end there. My mom is now admitted in the hospital because of pneumonia. 😧 It’s like everything is over my shoulders right now. I don’t feel like writing. It’s like I don’t know myself anymore. I don’t wanna look at the mirror lately. I feel so down.. but for some reason, I want to attempt and write something today. I want to pull myself back together and reconstruct ME. 😒

2015-12-12 15.30.43

This is what I was wearing 2 weeks ago. A few hours after doing this shot, I found out that my nephew died. The feeling was different. I didn’t like it. Guilt, loneliness and devastation — those were the feelings I had. I haven’t seen my nephew for a year. When I saw him last year, I couldn’t even hug him because he might get hurt. His condition got worse that touching him could be painful. I couldn’t look at him because I can feel his pain. Now I’m thinking, “I should’ve hugged him when I had the chance.” 😒


Part of my brokenness lately is because of his death. I was reminded to make more time to my family and in-laws. I was so busy with work, my children and my blogging that I forgot about them. I also learned to put my pride away… For some reason, I always get scared of meeting other people because of the possibility of hearing bad comments. Because of losing Brian, I began to understand that loving and spending time with someone is far more important than prioritizing my pride. I’d rather ignore the offense rather than cry with regrets whenever I lose someone.


I’m not okay yet. I’m hoping that sooner or later.. Things will go back to normal.. To start off, let me make a review of the foundation that I’m using on this look.

I’m a big fan of Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (see here to read more) so it is not a big surprise if I love this one. This foundation is meant to give us a full-coverage but has a lightweight finish. Nars claim that this foundation will last up to 16 hours of wear. Here are my comments.

Plus :

  • Packaging – it is in a bottle with a pump dispenser and a tight cap. Woohoo! Finally! Nars knows what it means to be economical.
  • Price – same price, better than the Sheer Foundation and doesn’t need to put more to have a good coverage.
  • Less Touch Up Moments – rest assured that with this foundation on, no need to look more often on the mirror because it will guarantee a beautiful and more radiant skin!
  • Natural Look – If you aim to have a no make-up make-up look, this one’s perfect. It is liquidy than the other foundations but it’s surprising how it can give a full coverage in a minimal application.
  • Full Coverage – Yes this foundation has a full coverage but it depends on how we define coverage. Let’s compare the coverage of the 2 brands I love so far.
2015-12-12 20.45.41-1
Nars All Day Luminous Foundation

It has a natural glow! I tried using this foundation when I had pimples and it is like committing the biggest mistake of my life! It is ugly! After my skin got better, I used this again and appreciated it even more. Since it is a luminous foundation, it makes skin appear radiant all day long even without touching up. It is like our fairy godmother in makeup. But! Like what I said, since this is LUMINOUS and LIGHTWEIGHT, it is expected to show more flaws and a thinner application on the face. Let’s compare it on this photo.

Dior Forever Flawless Foundation.

It doesn’t show any glow but since this is matte and has a full coverage, it has a thicker application and it also covers more flaws. Both can last for HOURS but with a different coverage and effect. It will now depend on the user’s preference.

Minus :

  • If the skin has more flaws, luminous foundation is not the best option.
  • Could be cakey if the user applied more than what is needed. Resist adding more jut because it feels so thin and light.
  • During summer, the face could melt faster and appear even more cakey because of too much heat. Reconsider purchasing if residing in a tropical country.

Love love love this look. I’m so happy that I tried it the 2nd time. Using Perricone’s skin care (click here) helped in making this possible. Having lesser flaws and pimples made it possible for me to try this luminous foundation. It is worth trying the 2nd time around.

2015-12-12 15.36.11
Iman Dress from Plains & Prints, Michael Kors Quilted Bag, Clarks Shoes

This look is very memorable to me. Aside from the outrageous lesson it taught me, it gave me a new heart to love and a braver mind to accept the things that are hard to change. This will always be a reminder that yesterday, I was stronger. I need to go back to who I really am. I don’t know why they named this dress as Iman but I researched on its meaning and it says, “to believe and have faith.” Someday.. I believe that these things that are happening right now will make sense. I have faith that He who started a good work in me will be faithful to complete everything in His time. Have a blessed weekend everyone! Spend QUALITY TIME with your family! 😚

Nars Cosmetics, Michelle – 0919-948-9481

Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza Mall : (02) 6334636



    1. thank u! the color combination is amazing. the design is just too fab especially for me who needs to hide the “edges” of my body. πŸ˜‚ I remember u mentioned liking the crispy pata from my old post. it is a deep fried knuckles of pork with crispy garlic and sauce. it is very very crispy and delicious. hope u could visit the Philippines soon!

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