OOTD : My Family’s Post-Christmas OOTD

Hi everyone! I want to make a different approach for today’s OOTD post. I would like to feature my family — the people who I love dearly.

2015-12-27 17.59.55.jpg
Mommy T

My beautiful mom-in-law. A strong, courageous, loving and thoughtful mommy and grandmom of the family. She loves dressing up and usually looks younger for her age. I love her skin because it doesn’t show stress at all. She is a very cool lola and a groovy mom to all of us. We love everything she cooks for us, her sweetness and support to the whole family. We love you mommy T!

2015-12-27 18.00.25.jpg
Sister-In-Law R

My ever thoughtful sister-in-law. She is good in DIY-parties and looking for nice things in stores. Simple, sweet, loving and a hardworking mom. She has a strong character that I truly appreciate. The mom of my gorgeous nieces and handsome nephew.

2015-12-27 18.01.32.jpg
Sister-In-Law A

It is not a secret that we always argue before; but I’m just happy that now we are getting along very well. I always admire her strong personality, her ability to cook and bake even without a formal education, and her big heart to love and serve her children. She managed to take care of her sick son and be strong for him and their family until he died a few weeks ago. I salute you Ate A for being one of the strongest mom I’ve ever known. I’m sure Kuya B, Ian and E are so proud to have you!

2015-12-26 23.11.29
Niece EM


One of my closest nieces today. I’m not close to my nephews/nieces on my side of the family and that is why I’m closer to my nieces/nephews on my in-law’s side. EM is the oldest grandchild in the family so we get to bring her in some of our family vacations before. She is sweet, simple, smart and a loving daughter and grandchild. I’m proud of the woman she has become. Still no boyfriend so definitely a keeper right here!

Nephew CPV

He is an eye candy right? So handsome and good looking. He might be our family’s next model! I appreciate his maturity and care to his younger sisters and cousins. He’s growing up to be a gentleman and I’m so excited to see more from him in the years to come.

2015-12-27 18.00.54.jpg
Niece PJ


Charming, pretty and girly — that’s her. I won’t be surprised if she’d be a celebrity someday. I love her fair skin and her face perfect for a makeover from her aunt J soon. I can’t wait to see her grow as a lady and soon say, “I’m confidently beautiful with a heart.”

Niece FAJ

Cute and bubbly. Naughty but very sweet. I admire her sweet smile and her charming way of talking to all of us. Once you see her, you’ll say “awwww”because of cuteness overload.

Sexy ladies!
2015-12-26 23.21.42-1.jpg
with EM
with sis A



Insert Ian and Daddy. We miss you so much!

We are family! Definitely not perfect! But we’ll try to be one of the happiest, most good-looking and God-fearing family there is. We are the A family! A family that will stick together through thick and thin. We have lost one member but we will always gain more from each other. Hope your family is doing the same thing! 😄


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