We’re Back in Lugang Cafe Megamall!

Guess who’s back in Lugang Cafe Megamall! Woohoo!!! We are! We love Lugang Cafe ever since we first visited them (see here).  Who wouldn’t forget one of my very first posts as a food blogger. Also, who wouldn’t forget the day I said to the part-owner, “I hope my dad is like you.” We already ate here together with my own R family and now I’m glad that this time, I was able to bring my in-laws. Now I can say that our addiction to Lugang Cafe is already OFFICIAL!

I’m sure my followers already know our favorites from this restaurant. This time, I want to give you more reasons to visit Lugang Cafe. Reasons that will make you run to their restaurant after reading this post. 😅

Spicy Beef and Tendon Noodles Soup (8/10)

There’s an option to make this less spicy. Though most of us weren’t able to tolerate the spiciness of this dish, a person with a high threshold for something spicy would love this! It is like a complete meal in a bowl. Protein, carbs, and a hot soup are the perfect ingredients in making this dish THE perfect comfort food!

Crispy Chicken (9/10)

My niece ordered this because she’s looking for fried chicken. I was ignoring this the whole time because I thought it’s the usual fried chicken for the kids. But it’s not! It is crispy, with a dash of salt, and the rich taste of the chicken. It is actually roasted and I love how well they cooked and prepared this. Just a heads up though, they only serve half of the chicken. The only disadvantage of this is the possible fight for the favorite part. Maging listo! Maging mapagmasid! 👻 Akin ang wings! 😂

Stir-fried Beef w/ Mango Slices (11/10)

This is the crowd-favorite! If I can only order this everyday, I would! It has a mix of sweetness from the mango, a bit of salt from the sauce, and the rich taste of the tender beef. The ratio of the meat, pepper and mango is just right to appreciate this unique dish. Camille of Lugang Cafe SM Aura first introduced this dish to us and I can still remember the “ahhh sarap” moment of everybody who were eating at that time.. that same moment was relived when I ate it with my in-laws. The serving is very generous as well! Applause to the chef!

Honey Garlic Squid (7/10)

Hmmm.. Not my favorite because I’m not a fan of any squid dish. Though this dish is really tasty and has a different tangy taste on my palate, I didn’t like the way the squid is cooked because it isn’t crispy and the squid is too thick to absorb the taste of the sauce. I think if the squid has thinner slices and if it has been marinated longer, it will be more delicious! 👍

Breaded Shrimp Balls w/ Mozzarella (11/10)

I hated myself after trying these shrimp balls! Was I not reading the menu carefully and missed this yummy shrimp dish? It is cooked into perfection. Imagine shrimp and cheese together? The shrimp has been fried well and the mozzarella cheese is still soft and chewy. Amazing! This is for you Brian! I’m sure you’re also enjoying the bites we were having.

Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao (10/10)

I don’t like to say that it is the regular siomai you can eat in any Chinese restaurant. It’s not! This one is softer! The meat is fresh and it has been wrapped well. It was served very hot and became empty after a few minutes. 😅 It is so delicious that we had to order another one. The smell is good and it is served in a clean container. I love the sauce they gave us — not too salty and not too spicy! *drool*

Restaurant (10/10) : Comfortable chairs, sturdy furniture, nice interior, elegant design of the whole restaurant, organized menu, perfect lighting and the clean place is offered. Air con works well even outside the restaurant. They provided a restroom inside for everybody’s comfort.

People (10/10) : Our “main” lady server single-handedly took care of all of us. She was patient when she was taking a picture of us. Her smile is contagious! She even asked us to have a wacky pose! I’m sure she is an asset to Lugang Cafe. She was not overwhelmed of the order-cancel-order system of our family. She was able to give a good customer service in a table of 13 customers. We are 3 families who were giving her different orders but she remained calm (no sign of confusion) and graceful. Our glasses were refilled automatically and our orders were taken correctly. We didn’t wait too long and we didn’t feel the restaurant’s busyness at all. Our family just ate, had fun and enjoyed each other’s company.

Thankful to all our servers, manager on duty, and even to Camille of SM Aura for taking care of us very well. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for not letting me down and for giving my family one of the best celebrations this 2015.

Brian and Daddy — we miss you! Happy birthday Kuya B and Kuya K! Until our next get-together!

From my family, thank you Lugang Cafe Megamall for giving us a memorable experience in your restaurant. Also, thanks Mommy T for the treat! We all left with a big smile on our faces!

Lugang Cafe


Fashion Hall, Bldg D, SM Megamall Edsa cor. J. Vargas, Brgy Wack Wack, Mandaluyong City

Mobile No. : +(63) 915 1742243

Facebook : /Lugang Cafe



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