Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Where do broken hearts go?Β Can they find their way home?

Back to the open arms of a love that’s waiting there..

And if somebody loves you..Β Won’t they always love you?

I look in your eyes and I know that you still care, for me… 🎢🎡🎼🎀

#whogoat πŸ˜‚

I finally understood the deep meaning of this song; one of the songs in the movie THAT THING CALLED TADHANA. This movie is not an ordinary movie to watch. If you are a person who watches the movie as is, it’ll be hard for you to appreciate it; but if you’ll understand the deep meaning of each lines and actions that the characters make, you’ll appreciate the movie even more.

Note : If you never had a break-up, you may not appreciate the movie since you cant relate. But you can relate for a fact that you don’t want to experience a heart break AT ALL. Another thing, there are A LOT of uncensored “curses” that Angelica and JM mentioned here. But it is so real. Ganon talaga pag nasaktan ang puso. Ganong ganon magalit. πŸ˜† *hugot* Their acting is very natural. I begin to appreciate ANGELICA more and now drool over JM. 😍

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

My favorite part : Angelica and JM had a deal that they will give 100 pesos everytime they would mention their ex’s name. Right after the deal, Angelica had a slip of the tongue and mentioned her ex again and said, “Hindi pa naman start. Ang daya mo. Wala yata akong pera dito.” Every 5-10 minutes, you will definitely see yourself (or somebody else) laughing.

Moving on is a phase that we must undergo through (may it be in love or in life). Once we’re done in phase 1, we must proceed to phase 2 — DO NOT STAY IN PHASE 1 FOREVER!Β It’ll only happen if we start to “detoxify” : stop seeing the person or anybody/anything connected to that person (Facebook, families, common friends) until such time that you are done in the “moving on” phase. I believe this also applies in moving on from “frienemies.” The thing is… sometimes when we re-connect with the “ex,” we tend to be stuck in phase 1 and will never have a chance to move on completely. Im very curious on what Mace will do next after seeing her ex. (Clue : The movie is an open ended story.)

You must feel all the hurt and pain so in the end you can appreciate the best partner that God prepared for you. Better yet, wait and be patient until God give the best for you so you don’t have to experience the hugot moments in love. 😰

This movie asked, β€œWhere do broken hearts go nga ba, Tita Whitney?” I will answer, “Back to God for a replacement of a new heart and wait for the perfect partner in store for each and everyone of us. πŸ’”

That thing called tadhana? It’s what God intends to give you — the best person you can ever imagine! 😒

My realization : Im glad Im not single anymore. I dont want to be in Mace’s (Angelica’s) situation anymore. I also learned not to carry any baggage from the past nor the present but let God carry all my burdens instead. My happiness wont depend from another person but I will put my complete dependence on Him alone. πŸ™


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