New Stuff from NARS

Last February 14, I went to NARS and asked Michelle for a makeover. In return, these are the items I bought from them :

*Brow Gel : This is my NEW favorite brow item. I’ve tried Revlon’s brow gel before but I ended up not liking it because its inability to give a lasting color to my brows. But Nars’ gel brow is unique because it gave me thicker and younger-looking brows with the color I chose. It doesn’t have any scent and it can be used to shape the eyebrows and keep them in place. It’s like the feeling of putting a gel on your hair but this time the hair is on your face! πŸ˜…


* Nars Lipstick : I remember telling my cousin, S that I never liked Nars’ lipsticks — this time I have to eat my words. I saw a unique lipstick in exchange of the Nars’ lip liner shade I gave away to a friend. This time it’s satin and has a mid-shade of pink and orange. I love its container because it’s shock proof (or at least I think it is) and magnetic. It is more expensive than Laura and Mac’s lippies but it’s definitely taller and bigger. 😍

*Nars Trio palette : I had Max Factor’s pink duo palette before and I somewhat loved it; but this trio has a matte effect and lasts longer than the usual (And of course it’s NARS). πŸ˜€


*Nars Night palette : I still remember my blue palette from Loreal and how someone made fun of me because according to him — my blue eyeshadow made me look like a saleslady (who wears blue for an eyeshadow). Now challenge is accepted : to make a better look using a blue/grey and a green/moss green eyeshadow. A look that is definitely unusual but will wake my curiosity and enhance my makeup skills.

I was able to try their primer and I began to love it and its scent. It’s actually better compared to Mac and Laura Mercier’s but Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm still won. Their highlighter is also nice but since I’m acidic, it turned darker on me and I looked like I’ve been kissed by the sun for a loooong time.Β πŸ˜†


Nars is one of my favorite makeup brands now; but they have a downside as well. Like their blush-on doesn’t last that long so I still prefer Laura’s. Their bronzer isn’t that dark and matte as compared to Laura’s. Their highlighter is not that luminous and long lasting plus their containers don’t have a good quality since they’re only made of clay.

Now, NARS is starting to make powder with refills; and for the first time, they used a sturdy container for their new compacts. Their downside, just like Laura, is that they don’t have enough stocks of their makeups. If you really like a certain product from them, you can either hoard or wait until you have no choice but to buy another brand.Β 

How about you? What is your favorite from Nars?



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