Trust is a BIG WORD!

Trust is a word that is always used in a relationship. It’s hard to get it but so easy to break. πŸ˜₯

There are ways that trust can be displayed :

1. You can be trusted if you will allow your spouse to access your email and Facebook accounts; but

2. You can also show that you don’t trust your spouse if you don’t give your password. Either way, trust must be a 2-way process.

In relationships,

1. A friend will show trust in you if he will tell you his secrets; but

2. A friend can also show that he doesn’t trust you if he thinks that you are incompetent.

In my job,

1. Trust is needed for me to last longer as my boss’ assistant; but

2. I need to trust him too that he will give my salary.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.


1. You can display trust when you believe that what someone said is actually true; but

2. A person can show lack of trust when he says things that aren’t true even though he knows that he is trusted by that person.

See how complicated trusting is? Sometimes we think that we have trusted too much or we think we are trusted by someone. But the truth is — TRUST is trusting someone that you can REALLY trust HIM and he trusts you in return. πŸ™‰ Thus, trust is trusting that the trust you gave to the other person will always be worth it. πŸ™Š As long as you know you can be trusted, who cares if they can’t be? 😝

Relationships work because of honesty. But the initiative to be honest must come from you for the relationship to work. 😳

Trust so you can be trusted but also be trustworthy so you can easily trust. 😡

Luke 16:10 : One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. 😲



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