Natasha Denona Chromium Liquid Eyeshadow : Ultraviolet

I’ve waited a month to buy this product and when I finally had the chance to buy it, for some reason, I only bought 2 out of 5. Now that I finally have it.. all I am is a cry baby.. crying over spilled milk. 😩😭 Read more to know why. πŸ˜ͺ

P1750 at Sephora

The most SHOW-STOPPING and AWE-INSPIRING liquid eyeshadow! Provides a water-rich, jelly texture with a fresh hydrating feel, while leaving an unparalleled multi-chrome finish. The multi-dimensional color experience is given by the innovative silica-based pearlescent pigments with color travel properties, i.e. color-changing at different angles due to the light reflection.

It is gel in texture with mini glitters and pigmented colors

Every pearl has three shifts, one main and two additional, that flows seamlessly into one another. It creates the illusion of a professional multi-layered eye makeup with amazing high chrome effect, and a special moisturizing structure. The Chromium Liquid Eyeshadow stays flawless and comfortable on the lids all day long.

See the shift of Purple, Gold and dark Green?

It has high chrome finish and jelly texture. You can build it with high coverage. Though it’s just 2.5ml, it will last you long for you only need a few strokes in every look.

I was able to wear it for more than 16 hours! No caking, no retouch, no fading! NO NEED TO PRIME YOUR EYES!

It doesn’t crack nor crease, color doesn’t oxidize or change over time. I didn’t feel any tingling sensation, my eyes didn’t react to it either. I have sensitive eyes and it didn’t react! It is waterproof and transfer proof, eyeliners can get through it without a mess.

The glitters aren’t chunky.

I love that it’s talc free and ingredients are all-natural. It is free from fragrance, paraben, and gluten. Amazing! 😱 You can wear it on its own – it could also be an eyeliner or a topper.

It has the darkest base compared to all the other 4 shades they have. I chose this because it’s purple and the shift is easily seen. The texture is lightweight, buildable, and wet but dries in seconds.

It works best with a flat brush for the smoothest application with a thin layer. Though it comes with its own applicator that allows you to make the suggested application, its ability to get a thicker layer made it more risky. I don’t like the mess it makes and the waste of products in every application.

This is probably my silver lining this year. One of the best products I’ve ever tried. Just when you thought you’re done in beautifying yourself, this Natasha Denona baby comes in. Super happy and thankful for this lovely gift. Thank you hubby!

Now let me get back to my new mode : BUY THE OTHER 3 SHADES! 😬😁

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