The Power of a Lipstick Transformation

To those who know me.. you guys clearly know that I’m into lipsticks (any formula/color) name it.. I prolly have it. This is why on this blog post, I will compare 2 lipsticks – different formula and brand to show the power of a lipstick transformation.

Dramatic like that!

A liquid lip colour that is perfect in giving you that blurry matte finish. It is weightless but very pigmented and gives a good hydration. It has a whipped mousse-like texture that leaves your lips/skin powdery after application.

Shade : Sorry Not Sorry. A moment of silence to its frozen-like packaging πŸ‘

It’s like a cushion with powdery matte finish but it is so hydrating and weightless, you’d forget you have lipstick on. It evenly spreads the colour without making your lips feel sticky or tacky. The applicator is the real magic here. You can either make it orangey nude to a complete orange lipstick depending on the application.

When you apply the lipstick on your full lips without blurring it

Though it is very pigmented, the colour lasts longer if you apply it on your whole lips compared to a blurred effect. If applied on the whole lips, the lipstick is not transfer-proof… but if blurred out, the lipstick does not transfer at all. Ultimately, not drying and very pigmented!

Tip : apply lip colour (dots) in the middle of your lips and use a lipstick brush or cottonbuds to evenly spread the colour.

My love for Dior comes and go but because of Heart E and other foreign influencers, it fires back again. πŸ”₯

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Long Wear Colored Tint in Natural Brown. The packaging is lightweight and feels like a rubber plastic but in a meticulous and luxurious packaging. I love the DIOR name embossed on the lip tint.

It has a sturdy and useful applicator that allows you to get just the right amount of tint you need and it helps a lot in applying the tint evenly to look just like a lightweight tattoo. Unlike the MAC powder liquid lip colour, you don’t need a makeup brush or cottonbuds to blur this out. The applicator / wand is the ONLY THING you need to spread the lip tint evenly. Colour varies depending on how much product you put on your lips.

When applied on the whole lips WITHOUT blurring it

It feels so thin on the lips but looks so thick on pictures. It looks like purple brown in yellow lighting.

It’s like a tinted ink with a thicker liquidy matte texture and lightweight formula (lighter than MAC powder kiss). It’s like a water-based tint on the applicator but feels like satin once you apply until it dissolves into your lips. Lips feel bare and hydrated without the sticky feeling but the tint looks so sexy and the finish is like a natural color tattoed on your lips.

When applied in the middle of the lips, it spreads evenly with a lighter and more natural finish.

Dior promised a long-lasting formula but when you blur the tint, like MAC, the formula doesn’t last longer as expected. On the other hand, there’s no transfer whether you apply on full lips or if you only blur it out. If I can only collect more, I would. This is another lip tint I never thought I needed.

A good lipstick can either make you or break you. I mean do you want a messy lipstick while making out.. or a bleeding lipstick while presenting at work? C’mon now! Choose your lipstick wisely. Like friends, they should never let you down and they should stick longer than the others. Oh MAC and Dior how can I unlove you!

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  1. I WFH and I still put on my lippie hahaha. Puts me in a work mode. Also, zoom meetings can happen anytime, better be prepared. πŸ’‹


  2. Lippies are my holy grail. I still wear lipstick even though I work from home every single day, parang automatic na po. πŸ˜‚


  3. I love how dramatic that Mac Powder kiss lipcolour look like. Bet ko yung mga orangey lippie , parang lakas maka bloom while yung Dior ang fierce ng datingan. Anw , both looks good on you po.πŸ‘„


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