Nobu Hotel Manila

The first-of-its-kind boutique Nobu Hotel in Asia has opened at the City of Dreams Manila in a collaboration between Melco Resort Philippines, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Nobu Hospitality partners including Robert DeNiro and film producer Meir Teper.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner

Nobu Hotel City of Dreams Manila appeals to the large and rapidly expanding market of vibrant Asian and international destination leisure and entertainment seekers.

This is our 2nd time to stay at Nobu. This time, it’s longer than usual. For some reason, we enjoyed our stay a lot better this time.

Birthday Cake from Nobu

One of the reasons is this birthday cake, special wine, and fruits from Nobu. It was also my son’s birthday when we arrived and that is why I’m very happy that he gets to have 2 cakes.

Happy bday son!

Another reason why I love Nobu is because I saw Lucy, the first person to take care of us at Nuwa a few years ago, now taking care of us at Nobu. She is so sweet, fun to talk to and has this awesome vibe I really adore. Thanks Lucy for welcoming me and my family well.

To see Lucy is like a breath of fresh air. Even though we didn’t see each other for years, her treatment and excitement to work are still the same. A woman so passionate and helpful, she is outstanding!

I love their bed. For some reason I had better and longer sleep at Nobu compared to Nuwa for this particular stay. I love this side of the room and its view, honestly. Just perfect!

We have a sofa that is very comfy and makes eating easier / less messy for all of us. The view is just right to wake us up every morning and the quietness is perfect for a good night sleep.

Fruits and macarons

Every night they give us macarons or fruits. Plus a Nobu lavender oil that is just so relaxing to smell – an instant good night scent. Thanks Nobu!

Lavender Oil

I love that they have a mirror with a good space where I can take photos and videos. More on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I did some magic there šŸ˜‰

Stylish slippers and robes to use. Ugh! So chic.

Just like this tea set they have that is available for guests to use anytime.

The tub is just right, can fit an overweight person like me or at least 2 kids. I love that everything in the restroom is spacious and organized.

They have a dryer, awesome toiletries (that are actually my favorites), and a lot of rugs/towels conveniently placed on a cute mini ladder. Plus a weighing scale for those who are weight conscious or want to check their things’ weight.

I’m not sure if you noticed the big space you still have — from the tub area going to the washing area.. to the toilet area. Restroom is really spacious plus the toilet bowl is very techy and helpful.

I love their electronic toilet bowl with options to flush, wash, deodorize, dry, open/close the cover, heat the seat of the bowl. One of the first hotels to have it in Manila.

Love the electronic bidet

Ahhhhh my boys’ favorite place. We love the fact that it has a good view, a breezy area, and a Wave restaurant nearby that serves delicious food. The pool is clean, the life guard is friendly and really serious in doing his job and the staff are very courteous.

I am very loyal to certain brands, places and properties. City of Dreams Manila hotels are like our “homes away from home” already. Their customer service is awesome, food is great, and the hotel’s amenities are top notch. I enjoyed this particular stay simply because people are nicer, they took care of us more than the usual and I appreciate the personal assistance that Lucy and their managers gave us.

Kudos and special thanks to Edwin and the whole management!

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