6 Things About Venice Piazza, Taguig

So my brother has his own car now and we were looking for a place to visit last Father’s Day. We went to Venice Piazza in Taguig and here are the 6 things I can say about this place :


1. The place is instagrammable. Every spot, wall and restaurants are made for you to take photos nicely.


2. It is so humid here. We didn’t feel the breeze for hours. The air-conditioned part of the building isn’t big enough to make us feel comfortable.


3. Almost everything in this place is dirty. Their restrooms are dirty and scary. I tried not to pee the whole time we were there. The place has a stinky smell all over the place. Their elevators are small and dirty too. OMG!!!


4.  Their gondola ride is expensive for a dirty and humid place. It is Php 500 per person. I feel that the boat isn’t sturdy enough and the water is too deep. I was so scared when it started raining. We didn’t ride at all.


5. They have a wide variety of restaurants. From the fast food chains, coffee shops, and fine dining restaurants — every kind of restaurant is present here.


6. They have amazing special guests once in awhile. We enjoyed the opera-like presentation that they made for us. I can see people in different social status visiting the place – some are there for picnic and bonding, others for shopping and taking photos. I love to see people happy, bonded and eating together – just like what we did here.

Awesome singers. Great voices.

I appreciate that the place is nicely made but I am quite disappointed on how they failed to maintain its cleanliness. I love that Venice Piazza is huge and has a lot of instagrammable areas, but I’m also surprised to see too many people in here. I’m not sure if I’ll be back soon. The shops aren’t that fabulous either and the place is too humid to make us feel comfortable. Overall, I think that this place is awesome but the management needs to focus more on cleanliness. Maybe provide more restrooms? At least the Philippines now has its own Grand Canal and I’m still proud of it. Have you been to Venice? If yes, please send me a link of your photo or blog post to bring my imagination there. 😉

OOTD : Pietra


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