OOTD : Salvador

Plains & Prints Salvador Dress

During Summer, I usually purchase more dresses from Plains & Prints. Last 2014, my biggest purchase was around 23 dresses. At that time, my love for light colors got activated. Wow! I never knew that at my age, I can still wear something lively and look vibrant.


The design is perfect for my body type. It is so cool that it comes with sleeves and the pleats made me look like a princess that day. The dress showcased a perfect photo of a place that I also enjoyed looking at. The upper part of the dress is cotton which makes it very comfortable to wear and the lower part is thicker because of the pleats. The dress shows a playful and elegant lady in one.

2016-04-09 21.11.50
MAC Maleficent Eyeshadow and MAC In Vogue Lipstick

The MAC Maleficent eyeshadow palette is an old time favorite. It is a very strong yellow, brown, gold and black combo. I love this combination because it is easy to make it fierce after a few strokes. The combination is quite unique but really easy to blend and play with. MAC In Vogue is a very sexy lipstick. It can look chocolaty with more application and look nude with a few. It is very pigmented and the packaging looked royal. It has a minimal gloss and shimmer plus a texture perfect for this humid temperature we have.

2016-04-09 21.11.05
Accessories from H&M

This Egyptian themed necklace made my look extra special. As you can see, the upper part of the dress is very plain so I added accessories to give it a more sophisticated look.

Clarks Shoes

Hurrah to Plains & Prints’ summer collection! Hurrah to women with  a resting bitch face. A new friend of mine honestly said, “Can I pay for your smile? How much is it?” Then I realized that I have a resting bitch face. I researched about it and here’s what I found :

Also known as “Bitchy Resting Face,” the condition has taken up residence in our cultural lexicon and been used to describe celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Anna Paquin and Victoria Beckham. The New York Times recently devoted a trend piece to the phenomenon, describing it thusly: “RBF is a face that, when at ease, is perceived as angry, irritated or simply… expressionless.”

Honestly, I believe that I was a “smiling” person when I was younger. Here’s a proof :


I think the reason that I seldom smile now is because of the big and discolored dental filling I have on my front teeth that can be seen in photos most of the time. Also, when people tell me to smile, I usually think that I am smiling though they cannot see it on their end. It is like I think I’m smiling but my face doesn’t cooperate. It’s impossible for me to really defend myself about this issue but I just want to say that.. I am happy, I ain’t mad and I’m not a “B****” unless proven guilty. I’m guilty of having RBF so thank you Janice for pointing that out! Hmph! *drops mic* 😝


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