Coca Loca

You may still remember our first impression on Coca (see here). I love everything about this restaurant. Servers are professional, their  manager is nice and helpful, restaurant is clean (including their restroom) and food is fabulous. Technically, this post is just a continuation of the review I made a few months ago. I’ll still give the same rating and same comments.. but will add these things :

  • Place (12/10) : Their restaurant was already spacious when we first visited. Now, they rearranged some furniture and it is even more spacious and brighter than what they had before. Their lighting isn’t dim anymore. I can say that the lighting added more “beauty” in the restaurant. Looove it! Room temperature? Freakin’ cold! It’s nice to cuddle inside..
  • Food (12/10) : Oh my gosh!!! Value for money is just right. Serving is generous and food is DE-LI-CIOUS!
Beef with Black Pepper
Beef with Black Pepper

The names of their food are not too complicated to remember; but the taste is really playful on the palate. I appreciate the serving and the cleanliness of everything on our table. I just have to repeat myself and say that the ingredients are fresh, the taste is extraordinary (not salty!), and the serving is just right for its price. Beef is well cooked and tender plus the sauce is not stingy for the whole serving. Tofu is crispy and garlic became the “highlight” of our meal. I even asked for more. For some reason, I love Coca’s garlic. I cannot say anything more but… I am now loca for Coca.

Tofu with Garlic
Tofu with Garlic
  • Experience (12/10) : I am adding more points as much as possible.. because they’ve exceeded everything I expected from them. Most of the time, whenever we have a great “first time” experience, the second time won’t be that good anymore. Restaurants tend to be lax at times. This time, Coca became better! Though they had a good review from us and their other customers, they’re still committed to do their best to serve us well and give us a good dining experience every time we visit. Coca’s servers and manager are all courteous and helpful. Privacy is obvious in this place. A perfect romantic restaurant for everyone to try! I’m sure once you go in, you’ll also have a pictorial just like what we did here.


Address : Sky Park, 5th Floor, SM Aura Premier, Taguig 1634

Telephone Number : +632.955.2022

Cellphone Number : 0917.813.9760

Facebook Page : 👍 here

Website : Coca


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