Best Customer Service in Coach Shangri-La

They say “Life is too short to buy BORING BAGS..” 😅 For years, I allowed my husband to buy my bags for me.. simply because I hate wasting time looking for bags — trying to convince myself to buy something I’m really not fond of.


Lately, because of blogging, I forced myself to shop for bags and to be honest, I am enjoying it. I am enjoying it because I finally found the brands I love here in Manila.. best of all, I already know the style that I’m more comfortable with.

Remember : Learn to invest in the best quality you can afford and wear pieces in different ways. – Michael Kors


One of which is from Coach. Ohhh! Coach! The brand that has been copied a lot of times. When you see C, it’s shouting COACH! So before when you say Coach.. I’ll say no thank you! But now?


Oh my gosh!!! I can still remember the first time I laid my eyes on Coach. I was from the outside having a glimpse of their bags.. I don’t wanna go in. Deep in my heart I was like, “Why will I go inside when all I’ll ever see is C? In fact, I can see it in Divi. So.. never mind.”


But then I saw these bags.. I stopped and said, “Wow! This is Coach?” We were about to leave when their saleslady smiled at us and encouraged us to go in. Her smile made my day. This is the first time that I saw a smile from a saleslady who sells bags. I know she’s nice and I want to know more about her.. and the bags. So we went in.. To our surprise, she isn’t just a smiling lady. She is KNOWLEDGEABLE! She knows ALL THE PRICES of the bags. If there’s anything that she doesn’t know, she just smiles at us and computes the final price. We totally ransacked all their bags on their shelves but she was so patient, nice and helpful to still assist us. Unfortunately, we don’t have time anymore.. so I told her that I’ll go back and purchase something from them SOON. I didn’t see her get frustrated because I didn’t buy anything.. Instead, she smiled until we left!

Jenn of Coach Shangri-la : It pays to be confident, helpful and nice!

Jenn is neat, nice and very accommodating. She is by far my most favorite person in Rustan’s Shangri-la! Let’s toss in their manager, Emmy who is so helpful to even go an extra mile just to send me their new arrivals and assist me in everything I need whether through phone or text/viber. Talk about GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE ‘eh?


I also love how comfortable this place is. The shop looked very private but is very accessible because it is near Rustan’s entrance. It is well-lit. I love the smell plus the coldness in the store. They offer a wide variety of accessories, watches, wallets, body bags, eye wear, purses and bags! They also have bags for men. My gosh! The perfect CANDY STORE for women. The price? Not too shabby!

Remember : Life is TOO SHORT for FAKE BAGS, SHOES and PEOPLE!

For the first time in my history of shopping for bags, I enjoyed it so much! Not only because I like Jenn and Emmy, but most importantly because Coach proved to me that they have a lot to offer : from excellent customer service, neat store, more options to choose from, and unique designs of their bags. Their bags are not the usual “C” anymore. Their designs are elegant, bags are well made, and colors are too fancy to ignore. They update their designs monthly and they have new stocks as well. Actually, if you want something from their store, purchase it right away. I feel so bad because most of the bags I want at first were gone after 2 weeks. Good thing is, it shows that Coach sells like hotcakes and their stocks are changed often. They only have 2 items per design/color so there’s no worry of finding your twin on the streets. Best of all, their new designs are not the usual designs that the fake designer bag manufacturers use.

Congrats Coach and Stuart Vevers for upgrading the designs of Coach! I believe that Coach is an asset to Rustan’s Shangri-la because they are setting a new norm — a friendly vibe for all customers to experience. An experience that is so good… ladies won’t feel the “damage” on their bank accounts for every visit. Coach staff, thanks for making my shopping experience worthwhile. Please keep up the good work! I’m so proud and honored to meet a great team from Rustan’s.


Do you feel intimidated whenever you visit a designer store? Don’t be! Coach will take care of you! I can’t find any reason for you not to visit their one and only official store here in the Philippines — visit them now!


Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza

#101, 1st Level Shangri-La Plaza, Edsa corner Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila Philippines

Look for Emmy/Jenn



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