Newport City

Ever since we went to City of Dreams (see here), all I hear from my mom is, “Newport Mall is so much better.” Because of it, my expectations from Newport Mall became too high. So we planned to go to there. What we first saw is the grand entrance they have along the Newport Boulevard (but technically, not as grand as what City of Dreams has). Smokers will welcome you from the entrance and “sexy” women will greet you once you’re inside. It smells like smoke once you enter. You’d want to start walking because the entrance doesn’t smell good at all.

The first thing that caught my eyes are their lighting and carpet. I didn’t like it. There were wires and different bumpy areas where the customers can trip on. Because of their dim lights, we felt uncomfortable. The dull and sad feeling that the lighting gives is quite unwelcoming. There were some beautifully decorated jeepneys along the way and my kids grabbed the opportunity to take a photo with it.



Their shops are from high end brands but when we went there, the people who visit their stores don’t behave well. Most of them were just wearing sando shirts + shorts or drunkards who went straight to the mall after drinking a lot. We didn’t feel safe and comfortable because of too many suspicious people we were with in each store we visit. It is a different experience and environment if compared with City of Dreams. The mall as a whole has an acceptable room temperature. Unless the customer came from another country, the air-conditioning won’t pass their standards. Most of their restaurants don’t have their own air-conditioner so they only depend on the mall’s air-con. Sadly, there are mosquitoes and flies everywhere and most of their restaurants are crowded and cannot give a good customer service. We tried 2 of their restaurants inside :

 Mr Kurosawa (read here)
UCC Cafe (read here)

Their elevators are quite okay and their escalators are too narrow. Their restrooms are clean and has a good smell; but the electronic faucets do not work well and it feels scary if the faucets turn on/off on its own and you’re all alone. 😅

Newport Mall
Resorts World Manila, Pasay City, Philippines
Phone : 239-1412
Email :
Website :
Facebook :


        1. not just that.. how about the mosquitoes everywhere? the overpricing of restaurants with a poor service and dirty ambiance. worst! I dont get the crowd really.. kids got scared of the drunkard men walking around the whole mall. makes u want to leave ASAP

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