MAC Retro Matte

Who loves MAC Ruby Woo? MAC Riri Woo? Ofra lipsticks? Yep. Combine their powers all in one and you have MAC RETRO MATTE.

Reasons to purchase MAC Retro Matte :

  1. It is easy to use because it is a liquid lipstick and its packaging/formula looks like a lip gloss but after a minute or two.. it will turn into a semi matte finish.
  2. They are all pigmented and only need at least one application to give your lips a vibrant look.
  3. It is long lasting. Though honestly, it makes the lips dry and if your lips chap, you need a lip primer for this. It is a plus if your lips are moisturized and a minus if it needs hydrating. Overall, this is best to use on an event where touching up is quite impossible.
  4. Cute packaging. MAC lipsticks tend to look the same. This time, they made retro matte extra special!
  5. The colors say, “Hot!” Whether it’s for a date night paired with a nude color or a daytime look paired with a hot red color. All their colors look gorgeous!


If these reasons do not entice you to buy at least one color from Retro Matte.. then you’re losing an opportunity to buy one of the best lipsticks created so far. Try it now and add more reasons why MAC Retro Matte is fab!

Website :ย

1st Level, Rockwell

Phone Number :ย (+632) 898-2045




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