Hello everyone! Raise your hand if you love cherries? I love anything with cherries (whether it is in or on) the food. It tastes delicious and also looks refreshing on the eyes. Do you agree with me? Well, look at this CHERRY. πŸ’



Don’t you love the whole coordination of the color splashed to make a beautiful dress as this one? The lines of the dress is too playful and I enjoyed making different poses while putting my hands up high and waving this beautiful dress of mine. Oh my! Whoever made this design deserves a standing ovation. Good job my dear! Good job!

Plains & Prints Cherry Dress from Holiday Collection 2015

It is so hot! The colors are vibrant. I can’t get enough of this cherry. πŸ’ Ohhh Plains & Prints! You’re too bad for my health. πŸ˜… Look at the design of this dress. It is best for my body type and the fabrics they used are top-notch. This time, I’ll give the perfect grade for Plains & Prints’ full effort to give us the best of the best.


The black “belt” divided my body well to make a more sophisticated woman out of me and an illusion of a better shape and height. The lines, colors and their fabric worked well together to give us the best dress of 2015!

The best thing about this dress is its ability to hide my shoulders. πŸ’ͺ This is by far the sexiest photo of my shoulders. πŸ˜‚ Isn’t it obvious that I’m enjoying this look? I took a lot of photos wearing this dress! πŸ˜… It just highlighted everything that needs to be seen. For the nth time, bravo Plains & Prints!

2016-01-18 01.31.18
Using Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma as a primer

I blogged about Perricone before (see here) and I love everything from this brand. Now, I have something new to share with you — the Perricone Hyalo Plasma

Perricone says : Designed to identify and address skin’s unique hydration needs while restoring youthful convexity, Hyalo Plasma is the first dermatologist-grade Hyaluronic Acid treatment that offers an alternative to more invasive procedures. Skillfully infused with Dr. Perricone’s legendary Plasma Technology, the luxurious, oil-free formula harnesses three types of Hyaluronic Acid to impart a visibly hydrated, firm, glass-like surface while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Use Hyalo Plasma consistently to achieve a more nourished, plump, and revitalized appearance.

I say : Compared to Perricone’s other skin care products, Hyalo Plasma’s effect cannot be seen easily. We need more time of using this to see the effects they mentioned on their website. It doesn’t feel sticky and it is very thin on the skin once applied. I love the fact that it can be used as a primer. As Ruby of Perricone Rustan’s Makati recommended, I used it as a primer on this look. It felt very light on the skin and I love the additional matte and protection it put on my face. I also love the smell it has. It even made my makeup last longer than the usual. Interested?

Look for Ruby of Perricone Rustan’s Makati – 09192396623 and allow her to help you beautify your skin in an instant!

2016-01-18 01.27.45
Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation in Rattan

I bragged about this foundation (see here) and I have nothing but praises. The first time I tried this, the shade I had was too pale. Now, I’m wearing the shade Rattan, it is perfect for my skin tone… at last! Thanks to…

Guia Tilbe of Rustan’s Shangri-la – 0917-838-6576

On this look, I’m also using my new favorites from Dior :

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof Mascara

(10/10) : It doesn’t clump and though it felt thin and light, the eyelashes looked long and defined. I love its formula! It doesn’t feel itchy at all. It just lifted and curled my lashes with the extra protection from tears and water. Such an awesome product. I love its metal packaging and the “clicking” sound it makes that gives us an assurance that the mascara is already closed. It looked so classy. Best part? No more tears while removing this mascara.. it’s so easy to remove that you won’t even feel any pain.

The mascara that does wonders!
Dior Eternal Gold, Holiday Collection 2015

(9/10) : I love this eye shadow because the color combination of this palette is unique. The good thing about this palette is their packaging. It is so fitting for Dior and actually expected from them. It included 2 brushes on the sides of the palette and a thick plastic to protect the eye shadows. I love the box and how compact this eye shadow palette is. The tricky part is the color that each eye shadow gives. Lighter strokes will go a long way while thicker strokes create a different color already. It does NOT fall out and most importantly, it is too pigmented. It is long lasting, it doesn’t look cakey after hours, and it has a 3D effect depending on the lighting. My only question is, “Why just now?” I should’ve bought it a long time ago. I don’t see any reason not to like it. It’s just awesome!

2016-01-18 01.30.19

For the first time, I already enjoy filling my eyebrows.. with the use of..

Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil

As I search for the best eyebrow pencil/liner out there, I tried a lot of “looks” using different brands.. and I failed to make a more defined and filled eyebrows. Here they are..

Using Dior eyebrow pencil and Nars brow gel (see here for details)

(9/10) This eyebrow pencil glides easily on the skin. It doesn’t feel itchy and it’s not transferable as well. I love how beautiful the color it makes. It fills my eyebrows perfectly. It’s also easy to erase and blend with a brow gel to lighten the eyebrow color. The pencil isn’t smudge-proof and waterproof, but it definitely lasts longer! Add a brow gel for more protection. If you’re still practicing to make that perfect eyebrows, start using Dior’s eyebrow pencil now.. it’s a perfect tool to define and fill your sneaky eyebrows. Start making them look like twins and not like mortal enemies.

Dior Rustan’s Shangri-la : 0927-329-0690

I made this look perfect because we are celebrating my mom and dad’s 47th wedding anniversary. Here are the highlights of the celebration.





I asked you earlier if you like cherries. I guess everyone does. In life, we all have happy and bad days. We just have to fight the blues away and put the cherries that need to be on top. Do not allow yourself to be a victim of the negative people around you. Have the courage to walk away from the pain and stress that other people bring. Like how this dress and makeup made me happy, may we always remember to see our “cherries” in life and say no to the “apple” that makes us sad. Have a great day everyone!

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