Christian Dior Makeover Experience

I blogged about Dior’s foundation (read more) a few weeks ago and I raved about it and my experience from Dior’s manager, Chielo. Now I’m back to try Dior’s holiday collection 2015.


As I mentioned from my previous post, I love the Dior products I recently bought in Rustan’s (read more). I purchased them basing on the makeover I had last week. On this post, I will give a review of the products I’ve tried and the experience I had from Dior Shangri-la team. Let’s start.

My bare face

Place (10/10) : Dior’s area is clean, elegant and classy. There’s a certain look of sophistication all over the place. From the makeup chair, tables, mirrors, and even their closet. Everything’s squeaky clean and well-organized.


The smell of the perfumes and the makeups in front of me are very welcoming and inviting as well. I hope Dior’s front liners would do the same. The lighting is perfect to see the beauty of their makeup. It is not too bright and their room temperature is great! I also love the shops around them – from Tod’s to Coach to Clarins. It is so quiet and peaceful in the area.

Makeup Artist Aileen

Makeup Artist (8/10) : Aileen is nice despite of her being pregnant. I love how patient she is in concealing my flaws. She also educates me about everything she puts on my face. She taught me new techniques that I really appreciate and I saw how she took time and how careful she was in touching my face. She is the most gentle and patient makeup artist I’ve met. She is organized and helpful. Aileen is the only makeup artist who was able to cover my flaws perfectly – thin and clean. She is OC. She is honest when she said that she is challenged by the eyeshadow color I chose but she was able to make something good out of it. She actually put a white eyeshadow on my waterline and that caused me to have a different look.


Whenever there are imperfections on my face, she immediately erases it and makes sure that my face looks flawless. If you are looking for a good makeup artist who can educate you, be patient in answering your questions, will give you a real “makeover” and will hide your flaws perfectly — Aileen is the best! I had a lot of makeovers from Laura Mercier, Nars and MAC; but in terms of makeup, Aileen made the bravest and cleanest look.

She is very gentle.

But why did I give her an 8/10? It’s because I prefer a makeup artist who doesn’t ask too personal questions. Also, she wasn’t able to put the right amount on my receipt. She needs to memorize their products’ prices and learn how to apologize correctly. Aside from that, I have nothing to say but, “Good job Aileen! You gave me a new look.” I looked different on that day.. and that is what makeover means.. taking a risk but making THAT risk worthwhile. Here’s my final look.


Over-all Experience (8/10) : The best thing about Dior is how clean everything is — brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows and sponges. The makeup artist used a new sponge while doing the makeover. Their products are new and Dior’s makeup artist put all their products on me. She didn’t go cheap in applying the makeup and skin care on me. Everything seems to be perfect; but because of the pricing problem, I felt somewhat uncomfortable to buy again. I also felt unwelcome when Aileen’s colleague doesn’t smile back and even acted snob. One of their makeup artists need to learn more about their products. Just look for Aileen to be sure. Aileen also forgot the eyeshadow I bought so the experience is quite frustrating in the end.


Tips for a Better Makeover :

  1. Check the prices thoroughly
  2. Check the items you bought before leaving
  3. Look for Rustan’s personal shopper to assist you better
  4. Know the look you want before visiting Dior. You can send the photo through their viber account so they’re more prepared before you arrive
  5. Check the reviews online before visiting so you have an idea of what item you’re more interested in.
  6. Make sure that the hands of your makeup artist is clean and all the brushes/sponges/lipsticks are also clean. This will ensure a more healthy makeover. Note : You may acquire airborne diseases like tuberculosis by just using an unclean lipstick. Make sure it is sanitized before using.
  7. Give at least 2 hours for the whole makeover. You must have at least P5000 worth of purchase to avail a free makeover or purchase a P5000 worth of Dior products first then schedule the makeover on a different date. The makeover is definitely worth your time and money. A perfect chance to know more about the brand. Budget is around P2000-P5000 per item.
Their products are still new and clean.

Aside from the items I bought (which I already blogged about), here are the top 10 products I love from Christian Dior cosmetics.  I don’t have to mention this on each item anymore.. but the best thing about this brand is their packaging – it looks so elegant and sturdy. Nothing beats Dior’s packaging.

Dior’s Best Products :

  1. Nude Air Foundation – thin on the face and it felt like an airbrush application. It is very light once applied but the coverage is good.
  2. Brow Styler Gel – it toned down the color of my eyebrows and it even gave a better shape to my brows. It is not thick nor does it feel itchy.
  3. Dior Fascinante Lipstick – the color looks sexy and though it is not long lasting, it easily moisturizes the lips. It is for those who like a light yet vibrant color
  4. Dior Blush – it is pigmented and easy to apply. Color pops up easily after a light application. Be careful though. You might see a clown if you exaggerate the strokes
  5. Diorliner Brown – glides easily and gives a thin and more accurate line. It’s also very easy to use
  6. Cleansing Water – it felt cold and it did help in setting my makeup together as one.
  7. Diorsnow White Perfection – a serum that brightens and removes dark spots/flaws
  8. Dior One Essential – it renews the skin and amplifies the skin care that you will use afterwards
  9. Dior Nude Air Powder – light as a feather. It gives a clean, thin and flawless look. I’ll make a more detailed review next time
  10. Diorskin Star Concealer – compare my bare face and my face with the concealer on. It is almost perfect and really looked clean. Thanks to Dior and Aileen!
Look at that fascinating “fascinante” lipstick

So the whole makeover experience wasn’t perfect and everybody “hopefully” learned their lesson. Rustan’s promised a better customer service. If you’re the type who wants to have a makeover, wants to know more makeup techniques and has the time to try the products you’re interested with.. then it’s time to call…

DIOR SHANGRI-LA : 09273290690




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