OOTD : Jasmine Ft Dior Forever Flawless

It’s already December! Woohoo!!! Finally! Last few days to think about what we’ve accomplished for the whole year and the things we still want to do next year.

Isn’t it amazing that our King Jesus would give His life to save someone like you and me? That’s the essence of Christmas! A reminder that Jesus became human to die for us and give us abundant life. Before we pour our time telling about Santa, buying gifts and having fun, let’s first remember the true meaning of Christmas.

2015-12-05 13.05.01

Now for today’s OOTD, I would like to feature one of my most favorite maxi dresses, Jasmine. It’s from Plains & Prints summer collection 2014.

A maxi dress is meant to be worn better by someone taller or if not blessed with height, wear high heels as an option. 😉 Or else, the maxi dress will fail to do its part on giving us a flattering and sexy look. 😶

2015-12-05 15.33.36

This maxi dress is way different than the other maxi dresses I have. First, it feels comfortable on the upper part area because of the woven cloth that Plains & Prints used in this dress. Second, though the dress is long, I didn’t feel warm nor did I sweat. It’s because of the long slit in the middle of the dress. Third, don’t be scared of the long slit because underneath the slit is a short linen that supports the dress and making sure that the undergarment is free from peepers. 👀

2015-12-05 23.32.09
Look at how I secretly pulled my dress then hid my hands on my son’s back just so I can comfortably do the “pose.” 👚👯

The only problem with this dress is the possibility of a failed photo just because of a wrong pose. A wrong pose is when you just stand straight — you will look big and the slit will automatically lose it sense. Even when you cross your legs, your legs will just look thinner but the dress’ shape, slit and design will lose its purpose.

The perfect pose is when you put your leg forward then pull the side/s of the dress. It is like making a “Pilita Corrales” pose then pull the side/s of the dress. 😂 In this way, your leg would come out of the slit and the other leg will give more shape to you and the dress. The very purpose of this dress’ look will be seen in the photo perfectly — a sexy dress showing a bit of skin then leave the rest up to the viewers’ imaginations. Oh Jasmine, how can I unlove thee?

Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup

Pros :

  • packaging looks expensive – the foundation is in a frosted glass with Diorskin printed on the cap. the bottle looks sturdy
  • it includes a controllable pump which obviously has a good quality. It prevents the possibility of spilling or getting too much foundation
  • it could work as a concealer because it is too light and it doesn’t cake. Just put it in a smaller container if you plan to put it in your bag/pouch
  • a little pump goes a long way; can last for about 8-10 hours
  • blendable and sets easily
  • it has a skin-light finish
  • it is thin but creamy
  • with SPF 25
  • it didn’t give me any blemishes
  • medium coverage


Cons :

  • it has a smell that is quite unacceptable for me
  • very expensive compared with other brands
  • heavy packaging – hard to bring for travel
  • it’s hard to completely finish the whole bottle instead of using a foundation in a tube
  • since it has spf 25, say no to photos with flash or you’ll look like a spooky pale ghost — hence, the flashback. A flashback is caused by light reflecting off the face, literally flashing back. The maximum spf needed to avoid flashback is 15 so to make sure that the foundation will look good on you, try it first then see if you’ll look good in flash photography. There are a lot of brands that came up with foundations that are photo ready such as Revlon and MAC. Also, consider using a matte foundation that has less spf. In this way, a flashback will just be a thing of the past. 😉
  • medium coverage – if you have too many flaws to hide, this won’t work perfectly
  • not good in controlling oil. need to do touch ups often in the T-zone area
Using MAC Maleficent eyeshadow and my favorite Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Laguna Beach with Dior Forever Flawless Foundation.

It works wonders in making my skin color even and hiding my flaws. Though it shows my “flaws” once in awhile (every 3-4 hours), it is still one of the best foundations I’ve tried!

Holiday Collection Eyeshadows

Are you interested to have a “new look” this holiday? Try Dior’s beautiful and unique eyeshadow colors that are exclusively offered for this season. Definitely a look to try and die for!

They have a lot of friendly, helpful and accommodating makeup artists. One of the best in Rustan’s! I never encountered any bad experience from them ever since. Thankful to Chielo and her team for doing a great job in helping me find a good product from them. Thank you Chielo for your patience and help!

Visit their counters today!

Dior Cosmetics

Rustan’s Shangri-La : 09273290690



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