Orogold Skin and Nail Care

I’ve featured a lot of skin care brands here on my blog. Most of them are my favorites. This time, I’ll blog about my very first skin care products from Orogold.

OROGOLD has become synonymous with offering customers luxurious and extravagant skin care products that allow you to indulge your skin with sumptuous solutions to all skin issues and problems.
It is true that OROGOLD is equivalent to luxury because of the beautiful yet sturdy packaging and countless results it offer. It addresses many skin care problems and concerns. The results can easily be seen after days of using their products. They have a wide selection of skin care products that are perfect to meet each and everyone’s unique needs.

Fash (3)

The 24K Bionic Complex Cream is specially formulated with gold, acetyl hexapeptide 8 and palmitoyl oligopeptide (PO). This unique blend will help your skin diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to achieve softer, radiant, and younger looking skin.

The scent is addicting. 😍 It is a thin cream that even feels thinner once applied on the face. After using it for days, expect that your face will be more glowing, moisturized and radiant. I just love to relax with this product on.

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This is my favorite Orogold product. It is a thick cream that turns into a clay-like form after a few minutes of applying it on the face. It becomes a bit hard and get stuck on the face for about 30-45 minutes. It can easily be removed by using cold or hot water to wash it off. Refrain from washing it again with soap to avoid reduction of ph on our skin. It is meant to heal and remove pimples —  not just on the face but also to some parts of the body which has acne. 😉

2015-12-04 10.15.40.png
This is how I look like after a few minutes of applying Orogold 😅

Yes I look silly, but I prefer looking silly at home than looking miserable outside. 😝 I still remember how this product saved me from a volcano-like zit. 😦 After 2-3 days, it became smaller and almost not visible. Thankful for this life saver! 😚

2015-12-04 10.04.15.jpg
Excuse my headset. I was working when I took this photo. 😅

After using these products on my face, I have a revitalized and healthier looking skin. 💁  With Orogold, you’ll enjoy other people’s game of guessing your real age.

images (1)

This nail care comes with hand lotion, oil to make the nails healthier and shinier, nail file, and a buffer that gives a glossy finish to dull nails.

The lotion is thick and moisturizing. The oil helps in repairing and making the nails healthier. Say goodbye to colorless nail polish because through Orogold’s nail buffer, having a clean and shiny looking nails are now possible as easy as steps 1-2-3. 😉

I love Orogold because it gives me a relaxing experience whenever I use their products. It made me understand the value of a glowing and beautiful skin. Remember! Our million dollar appearance starts beneath our skin. 😶

Facebook : Orogold Philippines


For more details, please call : 092-283-24643



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