Sambo Kojin Megamall Experience (Revised 2016)

I still remember how me and my husband had a disagreement whether to eat or not in Sambo Kojin. I already consider buffet as a waste of money because even though you have a lot of choices, you don’t get to enjoy the experience because the food quality they usually serve is not that good.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

According to their Facebook page (click here to like), Sambo Kojin is a god of food and that is why they can cook the best Korean and Japanese dishes. Because of its interesting name and cozy ambiance, we decided to check the place.


We were so surprised on how neat, organized and how wide the choices are. They serve the best dishes and desserts that I could ever think of! We got too excited and started to choose the coldest and most private area possible.. here!

The restaurant is even bigger inside! There are different stations per food classification. I like that the place is spacious. There’s still privacy for each table. Best part is — everything looks clean! 😊


I love all the food they have. Usually in a buffet, you’ll get to eat the best food then also taste their worst. This restaurant served everything perfectly. With the restaurant’s wide variety of choices, the buffet’s price is definitely worth it!



Monday to Friday LUNCH Special Price P 649 (REG. PRICE P 849)
Monday to Friday DINNER Special Price P 799 (REG. PRICE P 849)
Saturday – Sunday and Holidays LUNCH & DINNER P 849 (REG. PRICE)

4′- 4’6″ P 380
3′ – Below 4 ft. P330
Below 3 ft. FREE

No Left Over
Add P200 per head for leftover
Only One (1) Promo Applies. Valid Only On Regular Adult Price.

They also have a promo for birthday celebrants. You can eat for free on your birthday for a minimum of 1 paying guest only or eat for free (3 days before or 3 days after) your birthday with 2 paying guests. Isn’t that great?

They also have a Frequent Diner Card where you can have a free buffet once you complete 10 stamps. You can have 1 stamp per paying customer per dine in. Only 1 promo applies per transaction.

My children enjoying the smokeless grill

20150909_114530 20150909_123716

Enough talking, let’s start drooling! 😉

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

I love chicken. Well who doesn’t? Like the usual Korean chicken, it’s not oily but it is really tasty.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.


I love their teriyaki. The meat is tender and juicy with a hint of sweetness and spice altogether. 🙌 They have a lot of sauces to choose from. We were able to make something more delicious from it.


I’m in love with their ebi tempura. It’s crispy, delicious and the size is just right. Though the sauce isn’t that good compared with Ogetsu Hime (see here), it still passed my standards.

CYMERA_20150911_055728 CYMERA_20150911_054938 CYMERA_20150911_055833

They also have fruits and tons of desserts to choose from!

CYMERA_20150911_060532 CYMERA_20150911_060415 CYMERA_20150911_060310 CYMERA_20150911_060630 20150909_124331-1

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

Among all the desserts they have, this tiramisu is my favorite. It is not too sweet and not too strong. It has the perfect ingredients for a perfect tiramisu.


This is by far the neatest and most organized buffet I’ve ever tried. They definitely serve the best dishes from Japan and Korea. I haven’t tasted any food I didn’t like. Instead, I even found more dishes to try next time. All photos are from their Facebook page. Drool! 😟



New Dishes (as of Feb 2016) 


I like that the food is overflowing and refilled constantly. Everything is awesome and it’s very easy to try all that your eyes can see… but there’s this rule that will make you control your cravings and “takaw mata” attitude. I actually believe that this habit should be practiced not just in a buffet but anywhere else. Do you agree?

An additional fee of Php 200 per head for any leftover. I agree. Nobody should waste any food even that means a food from a buffet. 👌
An additional fee of Php 200 per head for any leftover. I agree. Nobody should waste any food even that means a food from a buffet. 👌

I love Sambo Kojin! It made one of my dreams come true — to eat in a buffet that serves good tempura, teriyaki, curry, rice, and my favorite tiramisu cake. I can’t wait to try more dishes from them. For this experience, we’ll give a perfect rate of 10! We paid a good price for the best food, ambiance, and service. Yes there’s no service charge; but they gave an exquisite customer service. They attended to us quickly and they were able to answer all the questions I had. They’re also very accommodating and helpful whenever we need something.

2015-09-10 02.47.09

Everything went well! 👍 Thankful to Sambo Kojin Megamall for giving us a good experience and I’m hoping for more happy moments in the future. Keep it up!


Address : 3rd Level, MEGA ATRIUM, SM Megamall

Contact Numbers :
(632) 696-1291 to 93
0917 7056037
0998 9971290

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