The dress is plain nude and maroon that’s why I put on a gold and black belt from Mango and a golden necklace from Forever 21 to complement the “plain” look.

Because of the big necklace, I didn’t use a bracelet and preferred a small ring and plain earrings.

MAC Maleficent eyeshadow and lipstick, NARS powder and liquid concealer, Laura Mercier bronzer.

My eye makeup is dark and sultry so my “chocolate” lipstick complemented my look.

I dropped by at Plains & Prints to get my invite for the preview of Plains & Prints Pre-Fall on July 24-26.

2015-07-18 12.36.43

Here are some clothes they have for the Pre-Fall Collection


Wow! An anniversary collection indeed! If you can’t wait to grab their clothes from this collection, hurry and visit Plains & Prints Glorietta on July 24-26 or wait for the actual releases of each clothes per week. To shop online, visit their website by clicking here.

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