OOTD : Annabelle

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

This look is not dedicated for Annabelle nor did I copy her look. πŸ˜… First of all, I’ve never watched The Conjuring… Ever! But I’ve seen tons of photos over the net about this scary doll named Annabelle.

Plains and Prints Dress, Clarks Shoes and Kate Spade Bag
Plains and Prints Dress, Clarks Shoes and a Kate Spade Bag

Everybody knows how I love dark eyeshadows and loud lippies. It is somewhat my trademark. πŸ’‹ For some reason, while I was looking at the mirror, I got scared of myself and I said, “Annabelle!” πŸ˜† A look that got me scared of myself. 😨

MAC “Sin” lippy made this look possible. A little dash of purple and glitters here and there.. Plus a dark eyeliner.. Voila! An “Annabelle” look right in front of you. πŸ™Š

Of course my accessories are not “Annabelle” like. It is very girly, thanks to Forever 21.

Plains and Prints Summer Collection 2015
Plains and Prints Summer Collection 2015

My Plains and Prints’ dress came from this year’s summer collection. I love how comfy the dress is. The colors and prints are “curve-friendly” and I love how my favorite Clarks shoes matched the length of my dress.

Annabelle's #1 Fan
Annabelle’s #1 Fan

My husband LOVES watching horror movies as much as I hate having just a glimpse of them. He’s the first one who told me, “Woah! Too scary!” Then I looked at the mirror and agreed. 😲 Β Though it was rainy, me and my family ate in Akira, a Japanese restaurant.

2015-07-04 18.43.39

Staff from Akira were staring at me. It is just annoying when people look at you while eating especially if they work at the restaurant. It took them 30 minutes to serve us the food we ordered and even managed to serve us an old rice. Though we also enjoyed their food, we got really disappointed with many things that it made me decide not to blog about it anymore.

2015-07-04 18.57.31

Our rainy β˜”βš‘β˜ Saturday ended up by spending time with my family and a little shopping for the kids πŸš‘ and MEπŸ‘š. Thanks hubby! πŸ’‘



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