About the Miss

Hi, I’m Japs! Curious? Well, I’m just here to simply inform and attempt to transform a reader’s perspective. Regardless of what my blog’s name means, I write to give “real” information about fashion, makeup, health, motherhood, food, education, employment, God, relationships, lessons in life, movies, and so much more. I have a wide variety of topics prepared for my followers. πŸ˜™


Japs is a spoiled “miss-is” and a mom of 2 smart boys.

I’m so in love with God and my husband. I’m happily married with my best friend and I have God to thank for handpicking the perfect man for me.

I’m a homeschooler and a teacher by heart. A Computer Science graduate who loves food, fashion, movies, makeups, and writing. In a group, I tend to have a Relationship and Beauty 101 because of my experiences in life. I always spend time in the hospital for checkups with different doctors because I’m an OC gal who always wants to make sure that me and my family are 100% healthy.


I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome — it caused me to gain weight easily. My life is full of drama and I have a lot of stories to share.

My R Family

My A Family

I believe that “real” information needs to be shared; which is my exact reason for having this blog. My prayer is to encourage and bless others through writing.


Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to check more of my posts. I hope you enjoy reading them in the same way I enjoyed writing them too.



  1. You certainly have a lot of interesting things to say here, glad you stumbled upon on of my crazy little postΒ΄s. If you donΒ΄t mind IΒ΄ll be doing what I have coined “my cool stalker moves” when time permits. Nice meeting you and…..have a great day!

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