Guerlain Scalp & Hair Youth-Oil-In Serum

I had the worst scalp acne, dandruff, nodes, hair loss and damaged hair – but now it’s a thing of the past.. thanks to…

Dynamic Blackbee Repair Technology combines the most powerful bee products, selected by Guerlain Research. Together, they help to dynamize the scalp-hair connections to promote hair’s strength and youth.

For immediate and long-term action on hair fiber quality, Guerlain Research has created a complex with D-panthenol, an active ingredient known for its hair-fortifying action.
It is infused into Youth Oil-in-Serum, which reinforces the hair fiber and seems to preserve its natural color.

GUERLAIN Abeille Royale oils’ sensory signature is the result of Guerlain’s unique know-how. It combines paradoxes to create textures as rich as an oil and as light as water, for high diffusion, without a greasy or sticky finish. Born of this art of formulation, Scalp & Hair Youth Oil-in-Serum revitalizes the scalp without leaving the roots greasy and conditions the lengths without weighing them down.

Scalp & Hair Youth-Oil-In Serum is a no-rinse care to be applied directly on the scalp. Morning or evening, on dry or damp hair. The Guerlain experts have developed a unique massage technique to stimulate the scalp.

Scalp skin is similar to other skin areas of the body but has some specificities. Indeed, it is the thickest skin of the body which is richly irrigated with more blood vessels. It also has an abundance of hair follicles which are attached to numerous and larger sebaceous glands.

Our scalp deserves the same TLC we give to our face and body. Whatever attention and love we give to our face and body should also be done to our scalp as well. I reached to the point where my scalp bleeds – and that is a norm for me already. Popping pimples on my acne is just a habit. Having headaches from itchy scalp is my thing. You have no idea how this oil-in-serum helped me. I am grateful for I found something that really works on my body, face and scalp – thanks to Guerlain!

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  1. Happy for you Ms. Japs that you find the right products for your hair….relate ako sa popping pimples is a habit, I admit madlas 😔


  2. I would love to try this Ms. Japs. I am not aware that it can be used in our hair. Thanks for the info.


  3. Hi mis jab happy nice day po
    Tiktok :Gretchencamposano
    Fb:chen balangue Camposano.
    Yt:chen balangue Camposano


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